Diversity & Inclusion

We embrace a culture of thought, talent, and transformation.



At [24]7.ai, we are extremely passionate about Diversity and Inclusion. We are strong believers that the collaboration of unique individuals will result in the most inventive solutions.

SHAKTI is our gender diversity program that was launched in order to create a positive work environment. Our purpose is to ensure a healthy representation of women in the workplace. The program is comprised of 3 verticals – Hiring, Development & Retention.

SHAKTI highlights


We took this notion forward by conducting hiring drives specific to women, and partnering with all female colleges.

Diversity Counsel

The SHAKTI program is governed by the Diversity Council, which is made up of 15 members from the Leadership team who strategize the various D&I initiatives.

Diversity Champions

The Diversity Champions are selected from each of our programs. They are responsible for executing all D&I initiatives, and spreading awareness within the organization.


We constantly work towards retaining our employees, as they are the most valued pillars of our organization. We hold regular focus group sessions, support groups, one-on-one counselling sessions, and D&I engagement events (baby showers, International Women’s Day, etc.), all in order to help understand the needs of our employees. This helps us develop our women friendly policies (flexible working hours, etc.).

The overall impact includes a much more productive, healthy and committed workforce. It helps reduce the loss associated with recruitment, business productivity, poor customer service and more.


Womenable is a unique development program designed to create a female leadership pipeline. It is targeted at mid-level management roles to facilitate and maintain a healthy gender ratio.

We organize regular interactive leadership networking sessions, where our mid-level employees are provided with a platform to network and interact with the leadership, in-house and clients.

Support Against Sexual Harassment (SASH)

We put the utmost emphasis on the safety and security of our employees. Any form or degree of sexual harassment is strictly unacceptable in the organization. We have a 20-member Internal Committee that is assigned to the cases that are reported. Each case is dealt with as per the degree of the grievance, and a solution is provided as appropriate. The penalty could be anything ranging from a warning, to suspension, and in grave cases, termination.