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We embrace a culture of thought, talent, and transformation.

Our framework

At [24]7.ai, you will find a team of people who are passionate about using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and human intelligence to help some of the world’s leading brands connect with their customers.


Core Values

Core values

We value traits and attributes that contribute to facilitating efficacy. At [24]7.ai, we hold our Core Values dear, sewing them into the very fabric of our organizational dynamics.

  • Respect: It empowers. It establishes. It is the beginning of everything.
  • Transparency: It is the cornerstone that inspires trust and builds relations.
  • Ownership: Take pride in what you do. Own it. Enjoy the sense of belonging.
  • Results: It is the power of focus that determines outcomes.
  • Teamwork: Individuals play the game. Teams beat the odds.

Life and Culture

Life and culture

The brighter you shine as an individual, the brighter we shine as an organization. We take various measures to make sure we keep our community and culture as lively as possible. At [24]7.ai, our motivating and uplifting environment will nurture your personal and professional growth.

  • Good Start: [24]7.ai is one of the best places to start a career.
  • Environment is Everything: We provide a motivating and safe environment.
  • Innovation: Our innovative culture helps drive your potential and productivity.
  • Value: The [24]7.ai employee base is key to company success and therefore treated with high importance.
  • Benefits: Our policies and allowances are in line with other major companies.

Learning and Development

Learning and development

At [24]7.ai, we conduct regular training and development sessions to help our employees improve their skill set. They are well planned and executed, and this makes a significant impact on our employees’ growth and learning. Keeping the business context in mind, we have implemented a comprehensive integrated Talent Management Framework, which makes sure our employees stay on the best possible career path. Post training, each participant goes through a three-month-long Learning Implementation process. The implementation and impact are evaluated by certified panelists.

We focus on the application of the acquired learning, so that our goals of improving performance and instilling the required etiquette are reached effectively. We partner with various departments to ensure smooth and effective training sessions. Each offering is designed in-house, and therefore customized to the needs of our employees, across all departments. We make sure there are enough opportunities to coach and mentor the individual participants, so that everyone benefits from our program.




Want to be nurtured and nourished? Join [24]7.ai. Stagnancy is a killer. That’s why we, at [24]7.ai, keep giving you opportunities to better yourself. We have multiple employees in our organization who have started their journey with us at the executive level and have now grown into senior levels. Speed up your progress with us.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

Someone once said “giving is good”, and it’s a credo we very much adhere to at [24]7.ai. We are both hard-headed business professionals and soft-hearted humanitarians. We believe that we can make the world a better place, one step at a time. Let’s align the social causes we are passionate about in order to make a difference.

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With innovation at the core, our policies are designed to promote your overall growth. There are various policies and programs in place to ensure a stable and comfortable journey for the people of [24]7.ai. Our Compliance and Risk policies protect the confidential information of our customers, clients and employees.

  • Cashless Medi-claim
  • Maternity/Paternity/Adoption/Sabbatical Leave
  • Emergency Conveyance
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Support Against Sexual Harassment
  • Baby Allowance


Our celebrations are filled with breath-taking live performances by our people, including the senior-most employees. At [24]7.ai, we strongly believe that talent should be shared and showcased extravagantly, and that is why we are so attached to our annual event – HUM!

HUM puts the spotlight on our employees’ unseen talents – singing, dancing, and much more. The hardworking candidates get respect and recognition, while the audience is guaranteed an enthralling performance every single time. It is the perfect representation of the life and culture at [24]7.ai.


2020 HUM celebration