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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know before sending in your application.

Why are PG freshers not processed for Voice and Non-voice processes?

We usually hire undergraduates for our Voice and Chat programs. Postgraduates would be over qualified for the role, and will seem out of place considering the parity on the floor.


How frequently does the shift change?

This varies from program to program. The minimum is once a month.


What are the aspects to the salary deductions, allowances, and incentives?

This differs from program to program based on tenure and performance.


What is the maximum amount of incentives that can be earned?

This differs from program to program based on tenure and performance.


Is there a bond?



Is it a contract role?

We hire Customer Support Executives on a full time basis. Only during seasonal hiring do we hire people on fixed term contracts.


Will I be provided with transport/travel allowances?

Transport is provided back and forth from the office. Employees will also have the option to travel by themselves and earn travel allowance.


How are the career growth opportunities? Examples?

Growth can be aligned within the programs, and is also based on the interest of the Customer Support Executive. You will have the opportunity to apply for various other functions like HR, Technology, L&D, etc. through internal job postings.


What is the work environment like?

It’s a great work environment in terms of both fun and learning.


How is the life and culture within the organization?

Employee satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We ensure that our employees are happy and excited to be working with [24] We reward our employees regularly based on performance and achievements. Team outings, organization wide events and fun activities on the floors are also organized regularly to ensure our employees have fun in the organization.