Elevate self-service with AI-enhanced IVR and data-driven engagement

Reinvent your IVR with advanced natural language technology, more accurate speech recognition, and digital capabilities designed to help your customers help themselves.

AI-Powered Speech

AI-Powered Speech

Understand accents, dialects, and tone in over 90 languages with 95 percent accuracy even in noisy environments. Reduce frustration and boost satisfaction.

Enhanced Automation

Enhanced Automation

Contain more calls in self-service channels and increase IVR efficiency by anticipating customer needs and offering rich visual aids to speed up resolution.

Omnichannel Application

Omnichannel Application

Build once and deploy everywhere for a unified, connected customer experience across channels, devices, and time.

Personalized Digital Marketing

Integrate automated help with
your mobile experience.

visual experience that dramatically improves self-service automation.

Help your customers complete the journey
with proactive and intuitive engagement.

The [24]7 AIVA for IVR Advantage

Natural Language and Deep Neural Networks (DNN)

Enable a two-way conversation with advanced natural language technology enhanced by DNN that draws from over 10 billion utterances for the most accurate speech recognition, period.

Rich Digital Visual Aids

Let customers complete both basic and complex tasks without leaving the call by sending personalized content and forms right to their smartphone. Turn IVR into a multi-modal self-service platform.

Integration and Escalation

By natively integrating [24]7.ai for IVR with [24]7 Chat, we’re able to transition qualifying phone calls to chat on a mobile device for more personalized, satisfying experiences.

Customer Specific and Web-Aware

Personalize IVR conversations by using context from your customer’s web journey and detecting if the customer is on your website during the call.

Deliver a Seamless Experience Everywhere

[24]7 AIVA uses a single intelligence model across channels and devices, maintaining history and context throughout the customer journey to deliver a superior experience.

The Power of Intent

Combine customer data and real-time journey data to accurately predict a caller’s intent and simplify their interaction, tailoring to each caller’s unique needs and learning on the go.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Customers today want to help themselves. Increase self-service rates by up to 20 percent and reduce IVR call percent call duration by up to 30 percent, saving millions in operating costs.

Easily Scale to Meet Your Growing Needs

Scales easily to handle a wide range of customer journeys and intents, across industries and languages.

Choose a Trusted Partner

With 17 years of experience deploying more than 465 virtual agents across multiple industries, [24]7.ai has the expertise to be more than a solution provider—we’re your trusted partner.


Speech recognition accuracy


Call completion rate for a major
telco based on 16 million annual calls


Reduction in call duration for a
major retailer


Lift in IVR containment rates for
a leading insurance company

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