In this demo, you'll experience firsthand the integration of [24]7 Virtual Agent and [24]7 Chat and learn how the solution can help you:

Our powerful predictive analytics make sure that [24]7 Virtual Agent engages your customers at the right time.

Target customers based on their intent and whether they need help. Greet them with relevant information so they'll respond and interact with your service.

Want to get a feel for the virtual agent? Try asking your own questions.

[24]7 Virtual Agent is powered by natural language. It understands your intent whether a question is a few words, a complete sentence, or somewhere in between.

The virtual agent is aware of the context from your current conversation with it. This makes it possible for the virtual agent to provide a highly relevant answer to questions like "How does it work?"

Let people ask in any way that's natural to them. On a familiar, chat-like user interface. And differentiate yourself by showing your customers that you understand what they're looking for.

[24]7 Virtual Agent keeps routine questions and tasks out of your contact center. If you need more help, we make the transition to live chat effortless, with the right context. The chat agent simply picks up where the virtual agent left off.

When you give your agents more bandwidth to handle the more complex queries or transactions, expect to see more sales conversions, lower average handle time (AHT), and a significant lift in NPS.

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Here are the key takeaways that you can share with your colleagues:

Powerful Predictive Analytics
Engage your customers at the right time, with the right offer.

Instant help powered by natural language
Make it a conversational experience.

Quick, accurate answers around the clock
Reduce call, email, and chat volumes.

Effortless transition to live chat, with the right context
Set both your customers and chat agents up for success.