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Growing Incremental Bookings and Improving Loyalty with a Personal Concierge

Improve Conversions

Increase incremental revenue by approaching prospects at the right time, based on their intent and propensity to book travel or make reservations.

Create Differentiated Experiences

Streamline and simplify travelers’ experiences from research and booking to looking up existing reservations, selecting seats, checking fee details, understanding cancellation policies, and modifying or canceling reservations. Present the next best action based on customer history and preserving context across channels.

Reduce Customer Service Costs

Leverage prediction to direct more customers to self-service for routine inquiries including balance and transaction information, merchant rewards, point balances or elite levels. Transition seamlessly to assisted service with full context maintained for more complex requests and inquiries.

Our investment in [24]7 Speech self-service is proving to be a very good one... We can definitely say that the new interactive speech self-service solution is having an impact on revenues.” 

Director of Financial Planning, Leading Global Provider of Vehicle Rental Services