Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Benefits of Digital Business Transformation

Digital transformation refers to the integration of new digital technologies across multiple business areas, including manufacturing, retail, and more. It changes how businesses operate and interact with their customers.


Digital transformation may require fundamental changes of a company’s business model, but it can help them make smarter decisions, increase sales and customer loyalty, and decrease marketing spends. Keep reading to learn more about how digital transformation can elevate your business.


How digital transformation can help businesses

Digital transformation can optimize businesses in everything from sales to insurance. Here are some ways that digital transformation can impact different business sectors:


Digital transformation in sales

Digital transformation in sales can help companies make intelligent decisions about consumer behavior. With the ability to collect and sort through large amounts of customer data that spans the entire buyer journey, companies can improve everything from inventory to how customers first interact with their products.


Digital transformation in retail

Digital transformation in retail takes time-consuming tasks like estimating inventory and both streamlines and infuses them with data-driven insights. In this example, retail analytics and automated inventory can make inventory management easier and more accurate. Consumer interactions with retail brands can also benefit from customized events like personalized chatbot and email messaging.


Digital transformation in marketing

Digital transformation in marketing can help businesses increase their quality leads while decreasing the amount they need to spend to do so. It can optimize marketing growth through tactics such as analytics tracking and marketing automation. Marketers can better personalize the customer journey with data-based insights.  


Digital transformation in insurance

Digital transformation in insurance can make it easier for potential customers to compare plans, enroll, and file claims. And unlike in the past, where every action had to be done with a human agent, digital transformation can allow these processes to easily be completed online.


How customer service benefits from digital transformation

Customer service can become more impactful with digital transformation. Chatbots can answer customer questions that don’t require an agent, allowing for smaller headcounts and significant time savings. Case routing systems can benefit from natural language processing (NLP), which can help determine when a question is too complicated for a chatbot and send the query off to the appropriate subject matter expert.


Other advantages of digital business transformation

Other benefits of digital business transformation include:

  • Increased productivity: With streamlined workflows and task automation, you may experience a surge in productivity.
  • Gathering and interpreting data: You’ll be able to create a system for gathering data and turning it into useful insights.
  • Resource consolidation: Your company resources, such as databases and applications, can become integrated into a central hub.


Add digital transformation to your business

From AI-powered messaging with [24]7 Conversations™ to Q&A chatbots with [24]7 Answers™, our advanced products and technologies will give your business the tools it needs to evolve and succeed, including:

  • Advanced conversational messaging for omnichannel chatbot deployment
  • Behavioral analysis and tagging activities so your chatbots truly understand customer intent
  • Seamless escalation, so customers never need to repeat themselves
  • Intuitive content management tools


Contact [24] to see how your company can benefit from digital transformation.

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Extend the Digital Conversation

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