Not All Customer Journeys Can (or Should) be Automated

Customer service organizations are increasingly turning to contact center automation, specifically chatbots or virtual agents, to keep pace with consumer demands. Organizations are increasingly finding that the best journeys are those where AI-powered chatbots and human agents work side by side to resolve issues seamlessly.

Source: Dimension Data’s “2017 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Key Findings Report”


Technology’s greatest strength is in its growing humanity. Tools that interact with people, learn from those exchanges, and adapt for future interactions make the experience all the more human.

— “Technology Vision 2017,” Accenture

Drive Superior Service Plus Operational Efficiency

Leveraging AI-driven intent prediction to power virtual agent interactions, agent routing, and agent recommendations improving accuracy for a better customer experience.

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Frictionless experiences boost CSAT

Let customers self-serve with a human touch if needed. Empathetic bots enable smooth agent hand-off with context, so customers don’t have to repeat themselves.

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Give agents an AI-powered hand

Boost efficiency and CSAT by giving chat agents information at their fingertips. Bots automate simple tasks so agents can uplevel their skills and focus on high value interactions.

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Reduce costs and scale efficiently

Handle more interactions more efficiently with an integrated VA & chat strategy. Agent tagging powers workflow automation and trains bots to continuously improve predictive models.


Achieve Extraordinary Results


cost per chat reduction for
a major Hospitality brand


cost per chat reduction
for a major Telecom


automation over time
of customer journeys

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