Reach Your Customer Journey Goals and Guarantee Outcomes

Insights and customer journey analytics help brands understand your customers’ real experience, and find and quantify business opportunities. Keep experiences in line with your brand vision in the changing business environment, and link digital transformation to day-to-day execution as it unfolds in millions of interactions. Real-time, AI-powered intent predictions turn insights into action in the moments that matter. Improve the CX, remove costs, and increase agent productivity.


The use of AI and machine learning (ML) across multiple customer service channels allows organizations to gain better insights, increase self-service and improve productivity.

Gartner, Predicts 2019: CRM Customer Service and Support

Powerful Tools Uncover Business Opportunities and Cost Savings

[24]7 Insights and Customer Journey Analytics helps organizations shine the light on revenue opportunities, reduce costs, and remove risk and uncertainty from CX digital transformation initiatives.

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Understand Your Customers

From real time to big picture, accurate intent prediction is key to analyzing opportunities across time, channels , and devices, and can make or break digital transformation.

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Eliminate Silos & Uncover Potential

Big data silos like CRM notes, call recordings, chat transcripts, IVR & web data hide business opportunities. Connect the dots to identify impactful moments and drive success.

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Turn Insights into Action

AI-powered intent prediction guides agent and chatbot conversations in real time. Add value in key moments and create experiences your customers will want to come back to.


Focus on Journeys, Not Touchpoints


Move the needle on digital transformation by making digital channels more effective.

$20 – 40M

Reduce call volumes by optimizing self-service and cutting down repeat calls.


Prioritize omnichannel CX initiatives by removing touchpoint silos and unifying practices across departments.

— [24] and McKinsey & Company

Related Products and Features

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Customer Journey Analytics

Unravel complex interactions over time and across channels so analysts can identify the root cause of issues, and quickly activate change with Customer Journey Analytics.

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Intent Modeling and Real-Time Predictions

The [24]7 Platform uses real-time enterprise data, industry models, and intent tags to accurately predict customer needs and recommend the next-best conversation to agent or chatbot.

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Intent discovery tools

We analyze your chat transcripts to discover customer intents and create intent models that enable real-time prediction to personalize interactions and improve outcomes.

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Digital Transformation Insights

Customized business analysis with recommendations on how to drive experiences that customers crave while increasing revenue, reducing costs, and optimizing human capital.

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Pay for Results, Not Technology

Outcome-based pricing ensures you get the business results you expect.

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