Why Chatbots are So Popular

Consumers today want simplicity and speed, which is why mobile app growth has flattened and chatbots are on the rise. According to PwC analysts, speed and convenience hit over 70% importance to consumers*. Unlike mobile apps, chatbots can integrate anywhere. And with an intelligent chatbot quickly handling customer questions and requests, service agents are free to focus on special situations. The result is better service, more automation, and increased efficiency overall.

*Source: PwC Report: “Experience is Everything: How to Get it Right”, 2018


Brands now look to conversational AI as one of the key drivers for the automation of customer service operations.

The Forrester New Wave™: Conversational AI For Customer Service, Q2 2019, Forrester Research, Inc., June 11, 2019

Chatbot: One Name, Many Meanings

From simple FAQ bots to full-service virtual agents.

Basic bots can answer simple, straightforward questions. With the addition of AI, some chatbots are now context aware and conversational. Sophisticated virtual agents use machine learning, intent prediction, and natural language generation (NLG) to ask questions, converse, and even detect user discontent to help maintain strong CSAT and NPS.



Source: Accenture Research

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Elevate customer service CSAT

Chatbots can handle simple and even complex customer interactions and hand over to an informed agent if needed. Empower agents to focus their expertise on the tough problems.

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Maintain or boost CX and NPS

Users often prefer to handle straightforward issues with a chatbot—quickly and on their own. Boost your CX and NPS by letting consumers select their service path.

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More automation reduces costs

Increase automation and scale easily, while meeting your security and compliance needs and giving customers what they want. Save crucial operating costs to invest in other areas.


Leading Telecom Company Transforms Digital CX


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Related Products and Features

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Chatbots/Virtual Agents

Self-learning, AI-powered chatbot helps customers help themselves—faster and more efficiently. A chatbot/virtual agent can help companies reinvent the customer experience.

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Tools for Chatbot Customization

Make the chatbot yours and gain more control over content plus valuable user insights with multiple tools, each with digital and voice options, in a simple UI.

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Natural Language Understanding

Chatbots use natural language comprehension (NLP/NLU), intent prediction, and disambiguation to understand what your customers mean, not just what they say, enriching the CX.

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Pre-Built Customer Journeys By Market

The [24] Platform uses real-time enterprise data, industry models, and pre-built customer journeys to accurately predict customer needs and recommend the next-best action.

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