Are you delivering the seamless, superior experience your customers demand? Introducing [24]7 AIVA, an AI-powered virtual agent that talks, thinks, and takes logical actions like your best human agent. With the Summer 2017 Release and the [24] unified platform, you can easily add [24]7 AIVA to all your digital and voice response channels to scale and automate smarter, more satisfying self-service experiences. Let customers pick up right where they left off across channels and time, boosting self-service efficiency and agent productivity.


Easier for Customers

Customers today prefer to help themselves, but they expect a seamless transition if they need a human touch and a superior experience on every channel. With the Summer 2017 Release and [24]7 AIVA you can anticipate customer needs, offer the right response at the right time, and make it easy for them to get things done when and how they prefer.

Easier for Enterprises

Elevate self-service with smarter interactions and simplify complex processes. The Summer 2017 Release keeps the conversation flowing across channels with connected history and context and gives agents the tools they need to resolve issues faster—from visual aids to a smart chat widget. Build once, deploy everywhere model lets you scale and protect your investment.

Putting Customers First

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For Marketing, CX, and Digital
Experience Leaders

Creating a seamless brand experience and helping customers get things done quickly and easily boosts satisfaction and revenue.

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For Contact Center and
Customer Service Leaders

Enable satisfying digital interactions and lower costs with more effective self-service channels and more productive agents.

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For Developers
and IT Leaders

Seamlessly scale to meet enterprise needs with an enterprise grade customer experience solution that you can build once and deploy everywhere.

What’s New with This Release

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[24]7 AIVA

Help Customers Help Themselves
  • AI with an EQ. Near Human Virtual Agents

    Help customers help themselves with advanced natural language to understand what your customers mean, not just what they say—in over 90 languages. Anticipate customer needs and offer the right response at the right time.

  • Scale and Automate Self-Service
  • Reimagine IVR with AI-Powered Speech
  • Build Once. Deploy Anywhere. Get Ahead.

    [24]7 AIVA uses a common model across digital and voice, allowing enterprises to build once and deploy easily across any self-service channel. Combine with the [24]7 Platform to manage seamless journeys across self- and assisted-sales and service channels.

[24]7 CHAT

Elevate Every Conversation
  • Keep the Conversation Flowing

    Automate where you can and escalate without interruption from virtual agent or IVR to live chat agent. Let customers pick up where they left off with an omnichannel solution that transfers interaction context and history across channels.

  • Integrate into Any Agent Desktop
  • Predict Customer Intent with Precision

    [24]7 Chat leverages deep data and actual customer behavior to more accurately predict intent so you can anticipate what your customers are trying to do and help them get it done faster. Engage hot leads before they abandon to improve cart conversion and grow online sales. Service customers with better accuracy, faster, reducing customer service costs with experiences that boost satisfaction.

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Enrich Agent Calls with Visual Aids
  • Frictionless Digital Experiences

    While inbound call volume is decreasing, calls are becoming more complex. Simplify processes by sending visual aids to callers—66 percent of whom use a smartphone and tablet at the same time.

  • Easier for Everyone

    Enable your agents to move the conversation along. Web presence allows agents to detect if a caller is online and push digital cards like forms, maps, product information and more—with no need for a SMS or email. Connect the dots for customers and voice agents.

  • Drag-and-Drop Design Tool Creates Cards in a Snap

    Quickly and easily design and deploy Active Cards using Visual Content Composer, a web-based design tool. Templates and drag-and-drop designer tool lets you dynamically create and deploys cards for both mobile and web in minutes, not weeks.


One Platform. Every Channel

  • Let Your Customers Choose

    In today’s competitive business environment, customer experience is king. Put customers first by allowing them to choose how, when, and where they interact with your brand.

  • Unify Understanding Across Voice and Digital

    Break down the walls between self- and assisted service, and between voice and digital channels. Power all your customer engagement with a single AI brain and put an end to disjointed interactions.

  • Omnichannel Orchestration

    Most contact centers now support nine or more channels—which makes it hard to deliver a consistent customer experience. [24]’s unified platform makes it easy to manage multiple channels and leverage data to make the most of every interaction.

  • Enterprise Grade

    With [24]7 AIVA and the [24]7 Platform you can build applications once and deploy them everywhere using a single code base. Easily add support for new channels or web applications at enterprise scale so you can protect your investment and your future.

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