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[24]7 Active Share™ - Enables Visual Content

Empower agents on customer engagement teams, in contact centers, or BPO service providers with rich visual content during a call.

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Modernize your voice channel with visual content

[24]7 Active Share provides contact centers and business process outsourcing (BPO) companies with a digital upgrade to traditional voice support. This upgrade empowers voice agents to deliver personalized, interactive content directly to callers on web and mobile channels during a call. It works natively on web browsers without requiring any plugins, apps, or add-ons to be installed or significantly modifying existing voice infrastructure.

Your customers can make faster and more informed decisions during a call, after agents show them digitized relevant information such as product or plan comparisons, account verification, terms and conditions, disclosures, payment plans, or a list of channel packs. Faster decisions result in lowered average handling time (AHT) and increased customer satisfaction, resolution, and revenue.


Transform voice interactions

Empower the Voice Agent

Allow voice agents to detect when a caller is online and send an SMS or Email invitation via a secure web session

Patented Live-sync Technology

Quickly and easily push personalized interactive content, known as Active Cards, to customers across any mobile device.

Liberate Customers

Allow callers to visually see what agents are explaining and respond back securely with ease.

Shorter, More Productive Calls

Shorten agent handling time for complex conversations like confirming program disclosures and accepting terms and conditions.

Product features


Active Cards

With [24]7 Active Share, agents can provide customers with custom visual content during their voice conversation. Content is delivered through two types of Active Cards–static and dynamic cards.



A smart solution for contact centers and BPO service providers, [24]7 Active Share allows agents to collaborate with customers by pushing Active Cards through a secure session to the caller while maintaining the caller’s privacy.


Card Designer

[24]7 Active Share offers an easy-to-use tool that allows users to create custom cards with in-built templates and assets. The tool provides a responsive design that delivers cards consistently across devices.


Enterprise Data Integration

[24]7 Active Share can automatically draw and display data from your CRM system in Active Cards. Customers’ responses added to Active Cards can instantly be updated in your CRM.


Image Sharing

During a voice call, [24]7 Active Share allows visitors to share images with agents in real-time. At the same time, agents can retain a copy of the images for their records.


Omni-channel Active Cards

[24]7 Active Share allows you to create Active Cards and repurpose them across a range of [24]7 voice  and digital solutions to ensure visibility, consistency, and alignment across channels.


Shared View

With [24]7 Active Share, agents can view and co-scroll Active Card content that the customer sees on their screen. This allows agents to assist and collaborate with customers without having them to relinquish privacy or control.



With [24]7 Active Share reports, a BPO service provider or contact center can manage compliance and control quality of the interactions. Out-of-the-box reports are available for Agent Usage, Invite Metrics, Transcripts, Transaction, and Session Quality.

Empower voice agents with rich visual aids

Boost collections, reduce AHT, and increase conversion by pushing personalized Active Cards to customers to review charges, choose plan options, applications, or compliance.

Financial Services Chat

Speed up Terms & Conditions review by pushing Active Cards with long legal notices and enabling customers to upload images to file a claim.

Insurance Chat

Let subscribers activate and manage their accounts, compare plans, and simplify troubleshooting.

Telecom Chat

BPO service providers can increase sales conversion by showing travelers their options—flights, hotel rooms, car rental and more.

Travel & Hospitality Chat

When customers can see all the options for themselves, they’re more likely to purchase.

Retail Chat

Contact centers and BPO service providers see improved results


Shorten average handling time (AHT) for common journeys


Increase sales conversions with visual comparisons


Improve first contact resolution (FCR) rates with interactive cards


Lift NPS/CSAT by boosting customer satisfaction

Simplify complex conversations

Improve First Call Resolution up to 25% with [24]7 Active Share, a digital canvas that agents can use to share information visually and collaborate with callers.