An AI-Powered Chatbot Providing Human Experiences

AI with an EQ: Understand More Than Words

The leading enterprise virtual assistant, this self-learning AI chatbot helps customers help themselves—faster
and more efficiently. [24]7 AIVA reinvents the customer experience by using natural language to boost first
contact resolution (FCR) and reduce costs.

AIVA is the only solution to deliver unified self-service, from simple FAQs to complex, conversational issues...

Opus Research, Decision Makers Guide to Enterprise Intelligent Assistants, 2018

Customers Love Easy

See [24]7 AIVA’s real chatbot and customer dialogue in action


  • Converses Naturally
  • Understands Context
  • Shows Full Images
  • Interprets Emotion
  • Transfers to Humans
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Increase sales conversions
Intuitive, Conversational
Dialogue Powered by AI

Simplify the user experience by understanding natural tones, multiple languages, regional dialects, and slang. [24]7 AIVA uses NLP, NLU, deep learning, and self-learning artificial intelligence to understand intent and context, provide personalization, and break down complex phrases, all in a conversational tone that feels natural.

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Improve CSAT
React Proactively to
Customer Sentiment

A little personalization goes a long way. [24]7 AIVA is the first enterprise-grade virtual assistant that can monitor and respond to user sentiment. When a user seems upset or dissatisfied, [24]7 AIVA proactively transfers them to an informed human agent to resolve the situation. Understanding both emotion and meaning simultaneously elevates the user experience in any scenario.

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Web chat digital transformation
Better Together: Blending
Virtual and Live Agents

Get ahead of the curve by blending AI and live agents. Forrester (Predictions: 2018) predicts that “Blended AI will gain momentum...” And for customer dialogues that need a human touch, [24]7 AIVA seamlessly hands off to an agent who already knows the full context. Boost customer CSAT and NPS, plus agent morale and retention by letting them do the heavy lifting they’re trained for.


[24]7 AIVA Helps Companies Achieve Extraordinary Results


A leading US retailer reduced customer service costs by $1.6M in the first 6 months through self-service automation.


Self-service interactions exceed 1.2 billion per year as companies leverage AIVA to automate, personalize, and save.


A leading Australian telecom company wanting to build its reputation boosted NPS after adopting [24]7 AIVA.


Inquiries are 147 million per year and rising. Expertise in eight vertical markets simplifies deployment as customer journeys are mapped and ready.

The Chatbot That Talks Like a Human

Streamline the customer experience for faster, complete resolutions that elevate self-service while lowering costs.


  • AI Powers Learning
  • Omnichannel
  • Enterprise Ready
  • Customization
  • Take Control
  • Personalize Every Experience

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning gather data anonymously and refine it into actionable intent, enabling a personalized, predictive, and effortless customer experience.

  • One Customer, One Experience

    Give users a single experience across all channels, devices, and platforms. Our ‘build once, deploy anywhere’ design works on desktops, smartphones, messaging, laptops, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Apple Business Chat.

  • Exceeds Enterprise Needs

    Multiple Fortune 500 companies choose [24]7 AIVA because it consistently exceeds their requirements. Designed to match variable needs, it is simple to deploy, GDPR compliant, and meets multiple security standards in addition to offering voice recognition and fingerprint options.

  • Your Company, Your Design

    With a UI library based on extensive experience in eight vertical markets, you can choose the initial chatbot design for appearance and customize colors for a seamless, branded user experience.

  • Powerful Tools Put You In Control

    Rich, easy-to-use tools like Content Manager, Modeling Workbench, and Experience Manager make it simple to further tailor the user experience to match your brand, customize language models, and see results.


Customer service metrics are evolving quickly evolving with agents and chatbots working together. See insights from an industry analyst on the chatbot success metrics leaders are now using.

Analyst Sheila McGee-Smith, McGee-Smith Analytics, A Short History of Chatbot Success Metrics, 2019


Telecom Leverages [24]7 AIVA to Transform the Digital CX


self-service increase in less than one year


virtual assistant questions answered per year


sales growth by transforming the Digital CX


with ‘build once, deploy anywhere’ model across multiple channels


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