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April 2022 Release

Here are the April 2022 [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud™ enhancements that are exciting our customers the most.


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Getting better all the time. Which is saying something.


It's release time! We are excited to share with you the top new features in your industry-leading conversational AI platform, [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud.


Use your analytics application of choice to create reports with data from [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud

New data access service (DAS) APIs enable authenticated/authorized clients and applications enable you to use your preferred analytics or business intelligence (BI) applications to access, in near real time, [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud data—providing a richer analytics landscape and facilitating greater cross-functional collaboration.

  • Integrate [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud with your preferred analytics or BI tools in a one-time process.
  • Extend the value of your existing analytics or BI tools by bringing in agent performance and
    [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud CX reporting data.
  • Foster cross-functional collaboration off your CX programs.
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[24]7 Answers™

Auto-fix spelling before involving the FAQ bot

Speed customer searches, reduce manual effort, and improve your FAQ bot’s answer rate.

  • Use predefined dictionaries and word lists to spellcheck customer utterances before sending them to the
    FAQ or informational bot developed with [24]7 Answers.
  • Reduce manual, backend efforts required to detect and correct misspellings, which drag down the bot’s answer rate.
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[24]7.ai Engagement Cloud

Easily develop and update cards with Card Designer

These enhancements make it easier to develop and revise cards and preserve your edits.

  • The new Card Designer autosave feature ensures you don’t lose your changes; it saves the cards
    you’re developing or editing every 30 seconds.
  • Enjoy streamlined editing with uncluttered access to the Canvas Designer property panel.

Learn more

For more release details, log into [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud, then go to the product’s Documentation Portal and view the Release Notes section.