August 2021 Release

Manage human and chatbot interactions across digital and voice channels through a suite of apps.


[24] Engagement Cloud Release

[24] Engagement Cloud™ provides additional rich media support, improved security and privacy features, and intelligent queue management features to the industry's leading Conversational AI platform.


[24] Engagement Cloud represents a giant leap forward in customer engagement capability with remarkable new self-serve tools giving you a single point of control to create and manage human and chatbot interactions across digital and voice channels.

This month's release introduces new features that make it easy to deploy your content across multiple messaging platforms, several new privacy and security enhancements, and some great tools to reduce customer wait times and improve agent utilization.

All these new capabilities are available today with our easy-to-use tools that put you in command of your user's experience. Below you will find a short list with some highlights from our recent release.

What's new in this release:

[24] Engagement Cloud

[24] Engagement Cloud

  • Rich content type support expands across messaging channels. The platform’s expanded ability to create content once and deploy it across multiple channels lets you use rich media content such as images to create list pickers, carousels, and even quick reply menus. [24] Engagement Cloud now automatically adapts these content types and deploys them correctly to the various messaging channels it natively supports—so you build your content without having to worry about how to deploy it to different channels. [24] Engagement Cloud manages the content and ensures it displays correctly on your web chat, Apple Messages for Business, Google Business Messages, and Facebook Messenger. Rich content adaption ensures you quickly provide a rich and consistent user experience across both synchronous and asynchronous messaging channels.
  • [24] Engagement Cloud now supports the use of encryption in Active Cards used for any personally identifiable information (PII). This capability already existed for credit cards as part of the platform’s payment card industry (PCI) compliance and has expanded to cover additional data types. Consumers can now share any confidential information with you and your agents while remaining assured their data is being securely handled. Data that is not payment-related can now be secured, including items such as account or policy numbers, social security numbers, and more. Sensitive data is not stored in chat transcripts, improving security even further.
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[24]7 Assist™

  • We have enhanced the way [24]7 Assist detects and displays credit card information to agents, creating a rigorous new credit card verification algorithm that enables the product to treat this information separately. Pattern-based checks can lead to a high false-positive rate; compare that to the new [24]7 Assist sophisticated credit card number algorithms, which validate and mask credit card information within messages to ensure your client's credit card data is secure. This check will now be applied to all data entry points within the agent console.
  • [24]7 Assist now enables clients to intelligently route consumers in queues with long wait times to available agents in other queues during traffic surges. Using intelligent AI-based routing, we reduce the manual effort for your leads who no longer need to focus on demand/supply mismatch. Intelligent routing automatically routes visitors with long wait times to available agents on fallback queues. Of course, our easy-to-use [24] Engagement Cloud tools allow you to configure when to activate the fallback and which queue(s) to use for fallback. Intelligent routing reduces visitor wait times and increases agent utilization, reducing abandoned and timed out sessions, increasing service levels, and improving CSAT.
  • Configurable Break Status Reasons allow you to better track billable and non-billable break times. Tracking and reporting various agent break status reasons gives you better visibility into break times and manages shrinkage. You can now configure eight different break status values for agents and leads to track break time. Reporting tools allow you generate data by reason down to the individual agent level.