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July 2022 Release

Here are the [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud™ enhancements from July that are exciting to our customers.


Engagement Cloud Platform




Getting better all the time. Which is saying something.


It's release time! We are excited to share with you the top new features in your industry-leading conversational AI platform, [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud.

Industry Recognition

1. Web Chat User Experience Enhancements

Simple, elegant look-and-feel updates to improve customers’ self-serve experience

Web Chat UX
Height and Corners Chat Window

1. Height and Corners

  • Overall height increased
  • Edges are more rounded
  • A faint shadow behind the chat widget sets it apart from other website content

2. Notch

  • A sharp edge in an otherwise rounded message bubble for a modern look and feel

3. Quick Reply

  • Greater uniformity with other message bubbles
Padding and Spacing Chat Window

1. Padding and Spacing

  • Padding increased inside the message bubble
  • Spacing increased between message bubbles

2. Typing Indicator

  • Tells customers who is typing: bot or agent

3. Text Field and Send Button

  • Both are more rounded for consistent look and feel


2. Usability enhancements to [24]7 Answers™

Easily make better use of your knowledgebase to improve virtual and human agent performance

  • Enhanced search filtering enables administrators to easily mine vast amounts of content to make changes in targeted areas.
  • Enhanced search parameters enable administrators to include/exclude different lines of business, where to look (title vs. content), when content was last updated, who modified it, and a checkbox for a verbatim flag.
  • Efficiently author tables—great for organizing information—that render responsively in any web browser, fueling better content consumption.
  • Manage audit, reviews, and translation workflows to easily export knowledgebase HTML content into multiple file formats, and cut and paste back into the HTML.


Enhanced Search in [24]7 Answers

Enhanced Search in 247 Answers


Improved Table Authoring in [24]7 Answers

Improved table authoring in [24]7 Answers


Content Export Flexibility in [24]7 Answers

Content Export flexibility in [24]7 Answers


3. Recorded IVR call files removal in [24]7 Voices™

Ensure customer privacy by systematically removing Payment Card Industry (PCI) data recorded in IVR calls.

  • Easily, securely delete whole call recordings (WCRs) including PCI data (such as credit card CVV numbers) collected from customers through IVR calls.
  • We encrypt WCR files, send them to you via APIs and then, once transmitted, delete them.

4. Salesforce case owner updates integrated with [24]7 Assist™

Automate Salesforce case owner updates on transfer of customer inquiry.

  • No manual effort required to identify and assign the right agent in Salesforce when a case (i.e., customer inquiry) is transferred among agents.
  • Whenever a customer inquiry is transferred, the current agent is automatically assigned as the current case owner in Salesforce.

5. Enhanced exit survey creation using [24]7.ai Card Designer

Create and administer exit surveys more quickly and easily.

  • Use a unified, self-serve interface to create exit surveys that are administered across synchronous and asynchronous digital channels.
  • Automate Q&A mapping when creating exit surveys that use multidimensional queries.