June 2021 Release

June 2021 Release

Manage human and bot interactions across digital and voice channels with a single, powerful platform.


247 Engagement Cloud Platform

[24]7.ai Engagement Cloud offers up a new Automated Personalization feature  and expands self-serve capabilities


With [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud™, both experts and non-technical users can rapidly diagnose customer intents to build, automate, monitor, and optimize customer service and sales journeys through intuitive, self-serve interfaces. Below are some of the key features and benefits that have been added to the [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud since the April 2021 release.

What's new in this release:

[24]7 Target

[24]7 Target

Automated Personalization brings the world of advertising creative and automated chatbots together to deliver a personalized experience to end customers. It does so by detecting conversational trends and customer intents to trigger a contextual chat or a chatbot directly from the creative. Furthermore, it allows the customer to optimize the experience by conducting A/B tests and converge on the best performing creative.

  • Analyze conversational trends/customer interactions to identify and target high-value customers.
  • Enable customers to click on creative and jump straight into a conversation.
  • Connect consumers to the right agent or employee through integrated chat and chatbots.


  • Increase deflection to digital/chat: Invite customers in with personalized creative across screens and devices and build better connections based on actual customer behavior/intent.
  • Cross-sell and up-sell opportunities: Using intent-based data, discover if prospects are searching for a particular solution and follow up accordingly.
  • Reduce costs: Save resources and see results improve across the board by applying automated personalization across multiple channels.
  • Competitive Differentiation: Develop personalized creative based on customer intent and see benefits such as more effective targeting, an increase in advertising effectiveness, and market differentiation.
[24]7.ai Engagement Cloud

[24]7.ai Engagement Cloud

Delivering a low-code environment for our customers has been one of the key priorities for [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud since its inception. This release brings together a set of self-serve capabilities across various products to allow admins to accomplish their tasks faster and in a more efficient manner.

[24]7 Answers

[24]7 Answers

[24]7 Answers is one of our most widely used products with “quick to market” FAQ authoring capabilities. In this release [24]7 Answers has improved content authoring capabilities for low-vision users by increasing contrast and legibility.


Card Designer

The Card Designer is a key application in delivering a superior customer experience. With this release, Card Designer has made the life of the designer easier with the following set of self-serve enhancements:

  • Ability to create horizontal carousel
  • Provision to configure modal/overlays
  • Ability to scroll through longer text in the cards
[24]7 Voices

[24]7 Voices

[24]7 Voices continues to improve its self-serve capabilities through the following enhancements:

  • Enable Speaker Verification in The Voice Portal (TVP) admin console.
  • NTTS (Neural text-to-speech) has now added support for French Canadian voices, male and female.
  • Vivid Speech now supports faster onboarding of clients through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).