September 2022 Release

September 2022 Release

Here are the [24] Engagement Cloud™ enhancements from September that are most exciting to our customers.

Getting better all the time. Which is saying something.

It's release time! We are excited to share with you the top new features in your industry-leading CX platform, [24] Engagement Cloud.

1. Enhanced business messaging experience

Better control and more flexibility make the business messaging experience seamless

Option for customers to cancel webforms or visual cards (Active Cards)

  • Enhancement to Active Cards – a visual, interactive webform – now allows customers the flexibility to simply cancel and close the form to return to the messaging interaction .
  • Cancelled events are captured in the reports so clients can take any necessary action to improve the adoption of Active Cards on messaging channels.
Cancel Button

Cancel button now available in Active Cards.

Interaction timeout event captured and shared with clients using Open Channels

  • For clients using open channel APIs, the enhancement tracks the conversation status – whether the session is active with an agent, bot, or has expired – and sends a timeout event when the session expires
  • Agents then have the option to continue the conversation or start a new session, allowing better control for both agents and customers

Better control over exit surveys

  • From being able to configure a default exit survey at only a queue level, the enhancement now allows clients to exercise better control over when exit surveys are presented to customers and is based on -
    • Queue
    • Channel (e.g., Apple Messages for Business, Google Business Messages)
    • Interaction state of a conversation
    • End state of a conversation (resolved, unresolved, auto closed)
  • Clients now have better control over securing customer feedback for conversations of all types and resolution status
Messaging Workspace

Self-serve configuration to determine when exit surveys are presented to customers

  • Admins can now create an exit survey, map it to the desired queues, and retrieve customer feedback (or survey data) in a report, all through a fully self-serve functionality.
Intuitive UI

Intuitive UI for easy exit survey creation.


Sample Report

Sample report with exit survey details.

2. Enhancements to reporting in [24]7 Answers

Improved knowledge management with a new report, drill downs, and better visibility into customer feedback on search results

  • The September release introduces a new report – Interface Listing Report - enabling clients to map their different lines of business with unique interface IDs
  • Question Rating and User Ratings reports now display customer feedback verbatims along with the customer’s ratings of search results so clients can enhance the overall search experience for customers.
Question Report

Question Report showing customer verbatims in the last column.

3. Usability enhancements to Card Designer in [24] Engagement CloudTM

Easy access to new data source types further enriches multimodal conversations

  • Along with configuring APIs to pull data (e.g., product listing) into Active Cards, the new enhancement enables clients to fetch data even from a static data source (e.g., Microsoft Excel document) or a JSON file.
Question Report

Configuring data sources (API, excel, or JSON) for Card Designer.

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For more release details, log into [24] Engagement Cloud, then go to the product’s Document Portal and view the Release Notes section.