Apr 8, 2021

Customer Experience Management Using AI


Customer Experience Management Using AI

Customer experience begins with the first discovery of a brand and stays important throughout the customer life cycle. Different customers come with different problems and contexts and may have varied expectations from a brand perspective. Companies, however, are often challenged when it comes to customizing the experience for each customer. Traditional methods of doing the same thing are resource-intensive and not easy to scale. As a result, customer experience often gets compromised.


Enter AI. Artificial intelligence or AI can understand the different customer expectations and help personalize the experience accordingly. Deriving insights by learning from big data and designing a corresponding solution is something AI can bring on board. AI adds positivity to a customer's experience and eventually helps establish a better image of a brand or company. For this reason, more companies are choosing AI for customer experience.


What is customer experience management?


Various factors influence a customer's journey towards buying a product and influence their decision to continue doing business with a company. It is important to understand their expectations and reactions. Demographics, backgrounds, and goals play an important part in converting a lead to a buyer. Once a customer is onboarded, customer experience management is all about keeping the customer satisfaction level optimal. A brand needs to have a strategy and solution to handle customer experience management's entire process. If done right, customer experience management can be a critical lever for boosting a company's long-term business performance.


What is a good customer experience and why it is important?


One might wonder why a good customer experience holds such importance. Word of mouth is the correct term that explains it. A good customer experience not only creates a base of customers but also brings in more people. Providing a seamless customer experience and gaining trust paves the way for new connections. One bad experience is enough for a customer to look for other options. Companies not providing a good customer experience can be an advantage for the competition.


How AI can improve customer experience management?


Artificial intelligence has made advancements that have proven results in customer experience management. The following factors influence AI-driven customer experience management.


Automating CX for a seamless customer experience


Response to customer queries and problems in real-time makes customers feel valued. Designing customer-based responses by studying them may be time-consuming for human agents (leading to increased TAT). On the other hand, AI can get the same thing done within a matter of seconds. Tools such as chatbots and virtual assistants are the best option for a quick response. They analyze data in real-time to deliver a quick response and seamless customer experience. Personalized but automated conversations not only eliminate delays (while not compromising conversation quality) but also acquire data from customers that may be used to train the algorithm. As a result, AI-based automation keeps getting more powerful over time.


Personalized customer experience with AI


The data-driven functionality of AI has many advantages. One of those is personalized customer experience. The journey of one to zero clicks is possible only with AI. Customer experience becomes smoother with prediction and intelligent responses. Communication is easy and hassle-free. Behaviors are assessed for improvements too.


AI-powered customer journey analytics


With an ever-increasing customer base, it becomes difficult to capture all customer segments and personalized experiences accordingly if you are solely dependent on human effort. AI-powered tools such as journey analytics helps get the same thing done. Rapid insights and actionable recommendations can help make business decision making more agile and fluid.


Decoding the fundamentals of customer experience management strategy with AI


Wondering what might lie beneath the success of AI? The following are the three important pillars that hold the success of AI.


Creating a unified customer view


AI works on behavioral analytics, the base of which is data-unification. Pulling together data and analyzing them by filters (such as timeframe) can provide critical insights. [24]7 Journey Analytics™ makes this tedious task easy. The app also provides accurate data used for creating workable business strategies. Forget the mind-numbing days using zillions of spreadsheets to arrive at the right decision. More information, less time, and less effort is the way to go.


The right technology stack for an asynchronous communication


Choosing the technology stack which rightly fits your business goals is extremely important. To optimize productivity in an asynchronous workflow, the team must utilize the tech stack to its optimal usage and keep finding new ways to better support asynchronous communication.


Real-time actionable insights


It is all about connecting the relevant dots and extracting meaningful data. [24]7 Journey Analytics enables data collaboration on cross-functional platforms. Generating real-time insights makes the data valuable and useful. Overall, a business would not need to constantly monitor multiple data sources that work independently of each other.


Business context


Getting the best output requires giving the most informative inputs. Each business has different needs, and each customer has a different journey. When given the business content, AI can analyze the data and find causes of stagnant growth (e.g., how some events shape customer behavior). Touchpoint details that impact KPI and the customer journey are also required as input. These inputs are the key that help AI provide insightful results.


Connecting the dots


Utilize the best AI insights for designing a smooth customer experience and increase your gains. For more information, download our eBook now (Bots and Agents are Better Together).