Aug 24, 2022

BPO: Quality Assurance Best Practices in Cloud Contact Centers

By [24]7.ai

BPO: Quality Assurance Best Practices in Cloud Contact Centers

What is Contact Center Quality Assurance?

In a fast-growing economy, the need for customer satisfaction can not go ignored. While good customer service speaks volumes of a company's credibility, one bad customer interaction is all it takes to lose a customer forever. Thus, making sure all your customers are well attended to is essential for your business to make the cut. However, the process of maintaining a call quality assurance can be a little tricky. Call center quality assurance can help ease up the process. This is a core benefit of engaging a
BPO (business process outsourcing company). But what is contact center quality assurance?


Simply put, QA in a contact center is the process of evaluating your agent's call quality standards based on the customer's requirements and satisfaction. And this analysis is done by observing agents calls. Monitoring call center quality can be an effective method to improve the quality of customer service that your company has to offer to its valued customers. With efficient contact center quality management, managers can quickly identify and evaluate problems. Proactive monitoring of interactions between your agents and customers with the right call center software can alter the way your customers perceive your brand forever!


Benefits of Quality Assurance in BPO Contact Centers

Retaining customers is always a top priority for any business to run successfully. BPOs have the benefit of top-notch options including performance measurement analysis and AI to notice tone and verbal triggers that indicate level and nature of need. Here is why taking advantage of call center quality assurance opportunities is crucial to retain clients:


Maintain Call Center Quality Standards:

Monitoring customer call standards enables your call center agents to evaluate themselves and brush up on their skills overnight. And before you know it, your agents will start approaching important queries more proactively. Answering customer questions, handling irked customers efficiently, acknowledging customer feedback, and being empathetic; will all be handled much more efficiently and in a well-standardized manner across your team.


Call Center Compliance

It is essential for your agents have clear guidelines in order to ensure a high standard of privacy and security while interacting with the customers. Monitoring the quality assurance is vital to maintain compliance and ensure that customer data is secured and agents are adhering to the guidelines.


Boost Customer Experience

Seamless, quick assistance from agents to resolve their issues is all that is needed to boost the overall experience your customers have with your brand. Call quality assurance enables your brand to maintain a certain level of consistent and seamless experience throughout the customer journey.


Customer Retention

Acquiring new customers is more expensive than retaining existing customers, making customer retention vital to overall business success. Contact center quality management ensures that your agents deliver quality service to your customers such that they have no desire or need to look at your competitors.


Better Contact Center Quality Assurance Metrics

Monitoring agents using BPO Call Center QA technology will produce actionable data to gauge, manage and impact contact center quality. Accurately and regularly reviewing and measuring your contact center quality assurance metrics is an essential aspect of call center quality assurance to improve overall contact center customer satisfaction.

Implementing QA to improve Contact Center Quality

Understanding the value of contact center QA is an important first step. But, with all things, due diligence and following best practices will help you maximize the use of contact center quality assurance:


Correlating QA Scores with Customer Feedback/Surveys

Research suggests that most of your customers strongly believe that your organization should provide customers the ability to give their feedback. Having said that, most call centers still struggle to align their practices with the feedback that the customers have provided.


The best way to evaluate the difference between your perceptions and your customers’ perceptions is by aligning your QA scores with your customers’ feedback via surveys. The key ingredient here is your capability to combine the internal and external sentiments in one dashboard. Having your CSAT and NPS scores and your QA scores in a single view will allow you to measure productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction for consistent improvement.


Evaluating Agent Performance with Call Center Quality Assurance

Assessing your agent's performance is one of the most basic call center quality assurance utilities. Quality Assurance grades the quality of the service an agent delivers based on measurable data that is used to evaluate your agent's performance on actionable grounds. That means having a deeper understanding of what you need to evaluate and why. Identify traits that lead to successful results and then align KPIs with those traits.


Completing Root Cause Analysis

A significant number of agents and managers only assess their QA scores on the surface and don’t look deep into the data and what it means and what it is telling them. One of the key functionalities of call center quality assurance you get by engaging a BPO cloud contact center solution is completing route cause analysis and identifying the gaps, both in performance and knowledge.


In order to do that, you need high QA scores and a detailed report that can provide insight into advanced data on every customer interaction. The more details you assess, the better you will identify gaps, opportunities, and setbacks, thereby getting to the root cause and identifying any correlations.


Providing Coaching and Developing Plans for Learning and Skills Development

Quality assurance provides managers and their agents a deeper understanding of an agent's performance - identifying the gaps and the high-performance areas of every individual agent. This valuable insight can then be used for coaching sessions and offer tailor-made training to your agents.


Agents who lack the ability or knowledge for problem-solving cause immense stress and poor customer experience for people trying to solve customer service issues. Rather than having a vague assumption of what your agents need, call center QA helps you to identify what you specifically lack so that you can develop and deliver a well-targeted training program. After that, you can use call quality assurance like a coach to train progress and evaluate whether everyone has received proper skills training.


Enabling Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance a core component of mitigating risk in a contact center. A single mistake can have steep consequences. In fact, fines for failure to adhere to regulatory requirements can result in six figure fines.


In the United States, call centers must adhere to a set of regulatory observances:

  • Consent for call monitoring
  • Taking any record of or using credit card details
  • Fair debt collection practices
  • Adhering to the
  • GDPR and CASL legislation governing email marketing
  • HIPAA, and more


Regulatory compliance is important and businesses need to have checks and balances in place, as well as be agile and prepared h to take corrective actions as required, to avoid a costly violation.


Providing Customer Insight that is Used Elsewhere Within the Organization

Using insights in other parts of your business that the contact center quality management has provided is perhaps the most underrated utility of call quality assurance.


Call center quality assurance best practices have several benefits for your business regarding customer satisfaction and increase in revenue. When applied correctly, customer assurance can aid in:

  • Brand Loyalty: Truly loyal customers who will promote the quality and customer service of your brand
  • Brand Differentiation: The X factor that sets your brand apart from your competitors
  • Customer Retention: The reason why your customers choose to continue to do business with a particular company
  • Customer Value: Your customers’ worth in terms of revenue & profitability.
  • Revenue Potential: Aspects that convince your customers to pay more for a better experience.


Monitoring your Remote Workers

Remote call centers are becoming the new normal. Even with a central call center, most businesses are highly likely to have agents working remotely who rely on the cloud. Contact center quality assurance is essential for monitoring your agents remotely. It is vital in helping you determine if your remote agents are appropriately set up with the collaboration tools, productivity tracking applications, and, excellent environment that they need to succeed.


Contact center quality management is arguably one of the easiest and most effective methods to monitor your remote workers and adjust your process accordingly.


Driving Internal Process Improvements

Call center quality assurance is essentially a two-way traffic flow. Managers relay their performance evaluations to their agents and stakeholders and gather feedback from them. This process may help identify gaps that hold back higher performance rates. And using this data, the internal process can be substantially improved.


It is important to use the QA process to get a deeper understanding of call center workflow. You must be able to design an organizational chart to help you determine:

  • Responsibilities of your team so you can prioritize needs and support tickets.
  • The availability of tools to appropriately categorize inquiries and segment customer service support.
  • The delivery of customer support to able to offer self-service accordingly.
  • The standards of agent productivity and use of QA to improve productivity.


Track Gains

There is more to call center quality assurance than identifying what is going well and where there is room for improvement. Quality Assurance also provides an excellent opportunity to track activities by providing a detailed history of quality monitoring that you can evaluate for insight. The instant availability of past data provides a constructive comparison to gauge your trajectory towards:

  • The revenue growth from the actions of your call center.
  • Improvements in your customer flow.
  • How you are avoiding customer churns.
  • Improvements in customer loyalty.
  • Any progress made in terms of productivity.
  • Any improvements in collaboration.


Using QA to track gains allows you to delve deeper into understanding the "why" of the purpose of your call center.


Outsourcing contact centers offers a host of benefits to overall functioning and success of your business. By having Quality Assurance intrinsically associated with BPO Contact Centers, proactive monitoring and feedback will improve customer experience and ultimately, alter the way your customers perceive your brand.