Apr 12, 2021

Healthcare and e-commerce Chatbot: Chatbot Use Cases in Business

By [24]7.ai

Healthcare and Ecommerce Chatbot

Any company that deals with customer service must ensure that the communication flow between the company and the customers is smooth and helpful. To implement this, brands are now enlisting the help of chatbots.


A chatbot is a type of software designed and programmed to perform automated tasks. A chatbot or a bot can converse with customers effectively and answer their queries or problems using textual or auditory methods. Virtual assistants can simulate human behavior and act the same way humans would behave while engaging in a conversation with a customer.


Chatbots are divided into two types: transactional and conversational. Depending on the platform, you can segregate them further as e-commerce bots, healthcare bots, and real estate chatbots.


Apart from using them to carry out customer service, chatbots can assist with both sales and marketing. Past success proves the efficiency of chatbots. What's more, they save both time and money.


Healthcare chatbot use cases


In the healthcare industry, time plays a crucial role in administering treatment to patients at the right time. To save patients' time and optimize operational tasks, healthcare chatbots are used across many clinics and hospitals. Healthcare chatbots can automate tasks and answer patients' queries related to health, book appointments, provide information, share tips, and gather patients' data and direct them to the respective doctors.


Experts are even estimating that chatbots will improve cost savings by $3.6 billion globally by 2022. There is little doubt about the usefulness of healthcare chatbots, which can reduce healthcare professionals' tasks, save patients' time, and help the healthcare industry financially.


Healthcare chatbots


Check out the following benefits of healthcare chatbots:


Offers detailed information on medical subjects


To ease your concerns regarding a medical condition or any other health-related query, you can get help from a medical chatbot. It offers precise and correct information on medical procedures, health insurance, and symptoms of illnesses.


It shares useful tips


Medical chatbots can share advice and tips to patients regarding things such as diets to follow before and after surgery, etc. Once programmed to do so, they can even help patients by booking their medical tests and examinations.


Healthcare chatbots can engage prospects on sites


Chatbots can guide patients to navigate medical sites effortlessly and assist them in finding suitable options.


Healthcare chatbots help healthcare workers


Medical chatbots can even be helpful for healthcare workers. They can retrieve information for queries related to dosages, medication, and standards.


Healthcare chatbots act as health assistants


They can act as patients' personal assistants by reminding them to take medicines, go for regular check-ups, and more.


e-commerce chatbot use cases


e-commerce sites usually have tons of options and features. However, checking each page to find your desired item can be challenging when you are in a rush. To make such customer experiences easier and helpful, many e-commerce sites have deployed e-commerce chatbots. Customers can interact with such retailer chatbots and get assisted thoroughly to shop or find options effortlessly.


Chatbots can even answer customers' queries regarding exchanges, refunds, delivery, etc. It is also one reason why major e-commerce giants such as Nike, eBay, Sephora, and more have incorporated chatbots. Multiple research articles also state that consumers are open to the idea of conversing with e-commerce chatbots and buying the recommended items.


Benefits of e-commerce chatbots


Check out some of the chatbot use cases below:


E-commerce chatbots facilitate sales and send offers


Chatbots can guide and advise your customers or website visitors by providing answers and solutions. They can even extract information from your CRM system to offer personalized suggestions. Chatbots can also send deals, offers, and discounts to your customers.


E-commerce chatbots can re-engage customers with abandoned carts


Chatbots can gently nudge customers and remind them about their unfinished purchases on the shopping cart. They can even ask customers if they are facing any issues while placing the order. What's more, they can also convince customers to complete their purchases by reiterating the product description and its value.


E-commerce chatbots offer 24/7 support


Chatbots can answer customer queries 24/7. So, once you deploy one on your website, you can expect it to solve customers' fundamental problems round the clock.


E-commerce chatbots help with orders and suggestions


Customers can ask chatbots to check whether a product is available or not. They can even ask chatbots to provide details about their previous and current orders.


E-commerce chatbots can conduct consumer research


Chatbots can be programmed to automate tasks when answering repetitive queries and common trends. You can use these insights to shape your marketing strategies and campaigns too.


If you wish to deploy a chatbot on your website and ensure your customers get a hassle-free experience, then you can check out our retail solution. It offers conversational AI services that create customized experiences for customers. It even predicts intent and offers time-saving resolutions. 


Real estate chatbot use cases


Buying or selling property is now easier, thanks to the emergence of several real estate websites. Many real estate sites have deployed real estate chatbots to enhance sales and connect with potential buyers and sellers quickly. These chatbots can engage with customers and respond to their queries. Customers can quickly get quotes and connect to agents. As a result, if you own a real estate website, you can connect to more customers with the help of chatbots and get an edge over your competitors.


Real estate chatbot benefits


By implementing chatbots on your website, you can get more customers. There are also other benefits that you can check out below:


Real estate chatbots increase website engagement


Chatbots enable customers to chat and get their queries answered. Virtual agents can help those who are still in the deciding stage and are yet to feel comfortable enough to talk to an agent over a phone call. Chatbots can be rewarding for such customers and give them time to reach you.


Get better personal and contact info


Chatbots deployed on social media apps can help you get better information about your potential customers. You can also get better response rates from customers on social media apps. Chatbots ensure a better way to engage your customers, and insights from the chatbots provide information about what your customers are looking for.


Real estate chatbots can help customers navigate your website


Real estate chatbots can help customers find what they are exactly looking for on your site. They can help customers find properties as per their requirements.


Real estate chatbots can send valuable updates


Chatbots can be programmed to send customized updates and recommendations to clients.


Recruitment/HR chatbot use cases


Recruitment chatbots or HR chatbots can do the basic tasks of recruiters. Recruitment bots can also serve as virtual assistants to recruiters and help them with candidate screening processes. Therefore, recruiters won't have to check each application manually. These bots can answer basic queries of applicants, schedule interviews, collect contact information, and do more.


Benefits of recruitment chatbots


You can check out some of the recruitment chatbot use cases below:


Recruitment chatbots can share information


Apart from recruits and recruiters, employees can use chatbots to get their company-related queries such as salary documentation and leave policies.


Recruitment chatbots support HR functions


Chatbots can automate tasks in positions related to onboarding new candidates and recruitment processes.


Recruitment chatbots can answer questions about benefits


Instead of sending emails to HR to ask about leave, time off, and benefits, employees can directly get these types of information from chatbots.


Recruitment chatbots provide action-based assistance

Chatbots can update employee profiles, reset passwords, and even track an employees' attendance and working hours.


Insurance chatbot use cases


Insurance chatbots can help an insurance company serve its customers 24/7. Manually providing solutions to customers 24/7/365 days a year can be expensive and exhausting. To retain business and to keep customers happy, the insurance sector can enlist insurance chatbots. By implementing digital marketing and other multi-channel integrations, insurance providers can serve customers around the clock. An AI insurance chatbot can guide customers, help them with their questions, and do more. If you want to deploy an efficient AI insurance chatbot on your mobile app and website, go to the our insurance solution web page for more information.


Insurance chatbot benefits


If you are still wondering how insurance chatbots can make your business more profitable, then you can check out the benefits below to learn more:


Insurance chatbots can offer awareness and education


Not everyone who visits your website or mobile app knows about how insurance policies and processes work. Chatbots can educate customers and let them know such details. Bots can even suggest policies that meet the customers' requirements, profiles, and inputs and give them a customized experience. As a result, chatbots can convert visitors to loyal customers.


Insurance chatbots build a rich database


Insurance chatbots can collect the contact details of users who interact with them. The data can then be added to the user database. When the company wants to send emails, newsletters, and updates to customers, it can pull data from the database.


Insurance chatbots can provide advice


Chatbots can recommend to customers the types of policies that they can opt for. One study reveals that 74% of customers don't mind receiving computer-generated advice about an insurance policy to buy. It also says that 78% are willing to get advice on investment asset allocations as well.


Insurance chatbots can automate FAQs


Chatbots can answer customers' questions about insurance coverage, premiums, and filing claims. Bots can be programmed to deal with policy renewals and billing.


Insurance chatbots help people fill out applications


Customers can use chatbots whenever they want assistance in filling out applications and forms. The bots can connect them to live agents, answer basic questions, and even direct them to relevant pages.


Insurance chatbots can send notifications and updates


Chatbots can be programmed to send real-time notifications and alerts. For example, if someone with a home loan wants to receive alerts about smoke hazards, or fire, then the chatbots can be designed to send customers such notifications in real-time.


Banking chatbot use cases


Like every other major industry, the banking industry is also optimizing its operations and automating tasks using chatbots. Banking chatbots can reduce cost, reduce customer wait time, and enhance customer experience. Chatbots offer answers and solutions to customers who ask common queries related to the opening of accounts, loans, and credit cards. These bots save time and help solve complex banking-related questions without manual intervention.


Banking chatbot benefits


Check out the benefits of banking chatbots below:


Banking chatbots provide basic answers to queries


Customers can get instant answers to basic questions such as "when is my next credit card payment due?", "Can you generate my bank statement?" and more by using chatbots.


Banking chatbots provide quick solutions


Customers can quickly connect to live agents via chatbots if they want immediate solutions for issues such as money transfers or blocking card access.


Banking chatbots can carry out simple tasks


Chatbots can perform tasks like processing payments or paying bills.


Banking chatbots can provide banking product information


Chatbots can also provide information and details related to accounts, online services, loans details, and more.


Banking chatbots engage customers


Chatbots can engage and converse with customers and allow them to ask questions, especially while browsing the bank's website.


Banking chatbots can log requests related to hacking and fraud


Customers can log complaints if they detect any fraudulent activities in their banking accounts. Chatbots will immediately register such requests and initiate actions.


Several organizations offer chatbot services to improve customer service. For example, if you want to deploy conversational AI chatbots to simplify digital banking, go to our financial services web page for more information.


Telecom chatbot use cases


Having to wait a long time to connect with a telecommunication customer care agent for a minor issue can be frustrating. To tackle these problems, the telecommunication industry has deployed telecommunication chatbots. Customers can use these chatbots and resolve their issues whenever they want. If you want to deploy the services of telecommunication chatbots on your website, go to our telecom website for more information. They provide personalized customer service in real-time, thereby saving you money and increasing your profits.  


Telecommunication chatbot benefits


Telecom chatbots can handle customer queries


Customers can use chatbots to change or update their phone or Internet service plans. They can even upgrade their existing plans or manage their accounts with the help of a chatbot.


Telecom chatbots collect customer feedback


Chatbots can collect feedback and complaints from customers, record them, and direct them to a live agent. This way, they can offer quick solutions without letting the customer wait for long hours.


Directing customers to live agents


Chatbots can check a customers' issue and direct them to the correct department or agent if necessary. 


Answer FAQs


Chatbots can provide solutions to generic customer issues and queries such as subscription plans or terms and conditions.


Chatbots for business: What the future holds?


Thanks to AI and Natural Processing Language (NLP), chatbot services are vast and not limited to answering customer queries. With more and more advancements in the field of AI, the chatbot industry is estimated to branch out its services in various other sectors apart from banking, healthcare, telecommunications, and HR.


Deploying chatbots for higher education can let students and teachers get their queries answered. Chatbots can be used in sales and marketing departments too. They can garner customer insights which in turn can help you create better and customized marketing strategies. Also, as chatbots have the potential to engage with wider audiences, analyze feedback, and collect data, they can be used by marketing and sales professionals to curate and design campaigns targeting the right crowds and making their brands more prominent and successful.