Chatbots & Agents Make Every Shopping Experience Excellent

Transform the shopping experience to build revenue and loyalty.

Shoppers today think digital first—from searching for products and deals to ordering and posting online reviews. Meet your customers where they are and upgrade the ecommerce customer experience with proactive, personalized chatbots and AI-powered agents. Increase average order value, decrease cart abandonment, and lower costs.


Chatbots Can Handle a Great Volume of Interactions


of retail customer interactions are service related


of retail service interactions can be solved with a chatbot

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Increase Conversions

Increase average order value by leveraging artificial intelligence to proactively engage shoppers with a chatbot or agent that offers the right recommendations at the right time.

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Build Loyal Shoppers

From shopping assistance to status updates, enable self-service for simple journeys. Route complex inquiries to live agents with context for an exceptional customer experience.

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Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Identify customers most likely to abandon their cart and connect them with a chatbot or informed chat agent to provide additional product information and address concerns.

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Leverage Deep Expertise to Anticipate Consumer Intent


distinct retail intents


interactions/ year


assisted interactions/ year


assisted conversions

Optimize CX with Chatbots and Agents Across Top Customer Intents

‌ ‌
Increase sales conversions

Order Status

‌ ‌
Improve CSAT

Returns and Exchanges

‌ ‌
Web chat digital transformation

Cart Check-out, Discounts, Promos, Gift Cards

‌ ‌
Web chat digital transformation

Product Information


Build Memorable Customer Experiences

[24] is your strategic digital transformation partner, combining insights from your customer interaction data with our 200+ pre-built retail intent models to determine where to automate & where to assist.


Make it Simple for Your Customers to Do Business With You

Let your customer speak in natural language instead of using canned phrases for retail inquires and transactions. Natural language makes it easy for AI to discern intent, while seamless interactions make for happy shoppers and greater profit.


[24] was excited to help us build a brand and help us build a vision on how a customer journey and a customer experience should be delivered.

— Sr. Executive at a Leading National Retailer

  • Selection
  • Ordering
  • Delivery
  • Reach More Customers

    Make it Personal

    Consumers today are looking for easy ecommerce shopping experiences. Intelligent chatbots integrated into automated voice and digital channels are a smart, efficient way to handle basic queries such as, “product information” and “nearest store location” on any device, anytime, and anywhere. Plus, they can transfer customers and context to an agent when assistance is needed. Giving customers quick, accurate answers helps drive loyalty and increase conversions.


    Product Comparison


    Finding a Product

  • Make Purchasing Easy

    Simplify Conversions

    Proactively engage and offer the right assistance at the right time to decrease shopping cart abandonment and build a relationship with your customers. Conversational commerce helps drive ecommerce revenue by upselling and cross-selling customers on accessories, warranties, or other products and services to add value for shoppers.


    Proactively Support Shoppers


    Modify Order

  • Build and Retain Customer Value

    Get Proactive

    Don’t wait for customers to ask for help—allow shoppers to self-serve on common support journeys like “order status” and “I forgot my password.” Chatbots can speed up resolution times while also lowering costs. Plus, you can route complex inquiries to live agents while maintaining the context for a seamless experience. Consumers will appreciate being able to resolve queries easily so they can get back to shopping.


    Order Support via Messenger


    Updating Shipping Address


Real-World Results That Speak For Themselves


more conversations with predictive chat


improved call routing


total reduction in customer service costs


Pay for Results, Not Technology


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