Automate Conversations with Intelligent Chatbots

Keep customers happy by making it easy for them to get things done.

From deciding between carriers to making billing inquires and bundling services to tech support requests telecom consumers think digital first. Meet your customers where they are and offer a chatbot that provides consistent support across channels, drive satisfaction and decreases churn. Virtual agents also allow telecom providers to offer 24/7 support to resolve technical queries, deflect calls from higher cost channels and drive revenue.


Chatbots Can Handle a Great Volume of Interactions


of telecom customer interactions are service related


of telecom service interactions can be solved with a chatbot

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Enable Effortless Service

Telecom customers are notorious “switchers”. Reduce churn by making every interaction easy, efficient, consistent, and personalized from end to end.

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Drive Loyalty and Revenue

From acquisition to technical support, leverage 300+ prebuilt telecom intent models with integrated artificial intelligence to upgrade your digital service experiences.

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Connected, Omnichannel Experiences

Enable your customers to have a single conversation across devices and digital channels for an integrated experience while reducing costs.


Leverage Deep Expertise to Anticipate Consumer Intent


distinct intents


interactions/ year


unique visitors


assisted conversions/year

Chatbots Across Top Customer Intents for Telecom Companies

‌ ‌
Increase sales conversions


‌ ‌
Improve CSAT

Order Status

‌ ‌
Web chat digital transformation

Technical Support

‌ ‌
Web chat digital transformation

General Inquiries


Build Memorable Customer Experiences

One chatbot does not fit all. [24] is your digital transformation strategic partner combining insights from your customer interaction data with our 300+ pre-built telecom intent models to determine where to automate.


Make It Simple for Your Customers to Do Business With You

Natural language makes it easy for AI to discern intent. Customers are able to speak in natural language instead of using pre-canned phrases for their telecom inquiries and transactions. Seamless interactions make for happy customers and greater profit for you.


We chose to partner with [24] because they are very data driven. They did a large analysis in an 8 week period where they dug into all of our call volume, all of our customer experiences and went a step beyond. They’ve been a very transparent partner throughout the whole process.

— Sr. Executive , Top US Telecom Company

  • Acquisition
  • Servicing
  • Technical Support
  • Acquire and Grow Telecom Customers

    Smart Self Service

    Your customers want to feel confident and in control. Help them help themselves with a chatbot that can handle routine queries, such as, “order status” or “what bundles are available?” on their channel of choice—anytime, and anywhere. Chatbots allow you to drive revenue while deflecting contacts from your more expensive channels to free up your agents so they can focus on more complex issues.


    New Customer Set-up


    Upsell after Customer Order

  • Resolve Queries Quickly and Efficiently

    Speed Up Resolution

    Consumers want to complete transactions seamlessly. Whether they’re looking to pay bills, bundle services, update account information, or make payment arrangements, offer the right assistance at the right time to make their journey easy and convenient. Automating real-time engagement across all channels and devices can increase satisfaction and lower costs.


    Upgrading Phone Plan


    Update Billing Information

  • Build Loyalty with Excellent Support

    Proactively Engage

    Help customers help themselves, even with technical support. Speed up resolution times and lower costs by proactively offering self-service support on common support journeys, such as, “how do I setup my voice messaging?” and “I forgot my password”. Plus, you can route complex inquiries to live agents while maintaining the context for a seamless customer experience, effectively solving the number one telecom customer complaint: having to repeat their issue every time they’re connected to a new agent.


    Review and Accept T&Cs


    Set-up Remote Instructions


Real-World Results That Speak For Themselves


increase in incremental sales


increase in customer acquisition rates


telecom interaction in the last year


assisted conversions/year


Pay for Results, Not Technology

Outcome-based pricing ensures you get the business results you expect.


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