Consumer expectations are changing at an accelerated pace through the evolution of asynchronous communications across channels and devices. It’s imperative to provide customer service on whichever channel they prefer. [24] is redefining customer experiences across messaging, voice, and everywhere else. Our conversational AI platform lets you meet consumers where they are, anticipate their needs, and deliver exactly the right response. Assessing consumer intent streamlines resolutions and strengthens relationships. Combining artificial intelligence (AI) with human insight (HI) produces exceptional customer experiences. And the best part is—you can achieve all of these things with measurably less effort for both agents and customers.

Conversational AI
Read on to learn the benefits of predicting customer needs, integrating AI with HI, and streamlining customer interactions across messaging channels.

One Experience Across Any Channel

Provide customers with seamless interactions.

Deliver personalized and effortless experiences by meeting consumers in the communications channels they prefer. Whether you engage consumers on your website, in search, through Apple Business Chat, Google RCS, Facebook Messenger, or other messaging channels, [24] can help. Our platform allows you to meet consumers where they are, anticipate their needs, intelligently route context, and deliver conversations on their time.

  • Use Open Messaging APIs to quickly add or extend emerging messaging channels.
  • Build once, then deploy intent-driven, conversational AI across all channels.
  • Enable a seamless search-to-messaging experience.
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[24]7 Messaging for Facebook Messenger

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Extend the Digital Conversation

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Consumer Intent

Revolutionize the way you work with customers.

Understanding consumer intent is fundamental to delivering the most efficient and exceptional customer experiences possible. Ours is the only platform that can understand the true meaning behind each consumer’s request. In some cases, thanks to previous interactions, we can anticipate intent even before the consumer has spoken or typed a single word, thereby requiring minimal customer effort. As a result, we help you resolve conversations faster while saving you money.

  • The only platform that combines behavioral, transactional, and historical data.
  • Our intent models are based on millions of industry-specific conversations.
  • Knowing intent allows you to deliver the right interactions at the right moments.
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Never Ask Customers What You Already Know

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Accurate Speech Recognition

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Conversational Commerce

Replicate and automate a deeper level of communication.

Artificial Intelligence + Human Insight

Virtual and human agents work together as one.

We bring machine efficiency and human experience together as one. By combining artificial intelligence (AI) with human insight (HI), we enable you to predict and resolve consumer inquiries with speed and efficiency. Our machine-learning models learn from human agents as they interact with consumers in real-time. That means you can virtually replicate your best agents across your organization. If customer-facing bots need help, they can escalate interactions to a human agent for context and intent insights. Meanwhile, agents can automate manual processes by bringing a bot into the conversation without losing a step. In short, you can meet customers on the channel they choose, determine their needs, and deliver assistance, all in a natural, effortless conversation.

  • Bots automate simple tasks so agents can focus on high-value interactions.
  • Combining AI and HI enables process automation, immediate escalation, and seamless handoffs.
  • Point products simply can’t compete with such a holistic approach.
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Higher Customer Satisfaction with Minimal Customer Effort

Make customer interactions more satisfying and with less effort.

Now you can resolve every consumer contact faster, with measurably less effort, and at a lower cost, all while improving customer satisfaction. With our experience driving countless AI-based contact center interactions, we help you bring consumer conversations to life. We also help you measure and manage the true effort per conversation by examining the impact of repeat contacts and consumer channel hopping on both customer and agent experiences.

  • Meet consumers where they are and deliver the service they want, on the spot.
  • Generate meaningful interactions, across every channel, for less.
  • Manage the true effort per conversation and improve customer satisfaction.
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[24]’s Customer Engagement Platform

Enrich your messaging experience with the industry’s most advanced conversational AI.

Understanding each consumer’s intent is fundamental to delivering a superior experience. The [24] Customer Engagement Platform is the only platform that predicts intent and resolves interactions consistently, across time and across channels.

The platform is your single point of control for managing human and bot interactions across digital and voice channels. Self-service tools assist you in setting up intents, business logic, conversation flows, and user interfaces—all of which will make every interaction more satisfying and cost efficient.

[24] open platform 'Marketecture' diagram

Our open platform connects easily with your existing customer service technologies, so you can take advantage of all the data you’ve acquired to enrich and streamline every consumer engagement, every time.


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