Nov 22, 2022

Workforce management and why it will work for you

By [24]7.ai

Workforce Management Benefits

Workforce management (WFM) is a popular method that is being applied across industries and businesses. It is beneficial in that it can help your organization streamline and automate all of the activities needed to maintain and sustain a productive and cost-effective workforce. An ideal WFM solution tracks time and labor giving your employees the freedom to manage their schedules with self-service tools. It also works at scheduling workers and workflows and managing absences. Here are some of the best benefits of the workforce management solution:

  • It automates attendance tracking, improving data accuracy and reducing payroll errors.
  • It reduces manual processes and improves the overall workforce productivity.
  • It promotes a culture of workforce safety and compliance by having proper protocols in place.
  • It offers tools that enable managers to create schedules that align their workforce with anticipated demand.
  • A good WFM system can also have embedded security systems to monitor suspicious transactions and activities, and help prevent errors.

WFM Forecasting Factors

In association with WFM forecasting which has become an increasingly trending topic across industries. After gathering data and relevant information about your project, employees and customers, your business can make estimates or forecasts. Forecasting is key in anticipating upcoming trends, seasonal spikes, and the shortfalls/peaks which makes it crucial for the long-term planning of achieving your company’s goals. It could be done either on a monthly or yearly basis. These predictions can help your company anticipate and prepare for the likely workforce needed, the necessity of expanding your current workforce, and take measures to rectify attrition. It is one of the key functions in the total workforce management process that helps in monitoring employee activity, enhances performance management, and delivers optimal results.

[24]7.ai’s Best Workforce Management Practices

Our WFM solutions offer a spectrum of strategic, connected, and integrated systems that meet the requirements of modern, digital enterprises. [24]7. ai’s best workforce management practices enhanced the contact center operations of various Fortune 500 companies. From being considered the #1 BPO vendor for most of our clients to bagging the BPO of the Year Award at CCW, we keep redefining our standard for strategic partnership, evidenced through world-class service and exemplary efficiency.

BPO Agent Forecasting

We assist with forecasting for 22 different LoBs while also forecasting at yearly, monthly and daily levels. We conduct the tracking of forecasting with accuracy. Some of the different models we use are – FB Prophet Model, Exponential Triple Smoothening, Weighted Average, ML Model. How can this help you? (i) Improve forecasting based on demand drivers and trends (ii) Plan resources throughout the year by the resource planning team (iii) Input to agent scheduling.

Real-Time Contact Center Staffing

We assist with resource planning & scheduling with headcount planning, new hire training requirements, plotting schedules, real-time staffing recommendations to meet staffing goals. How can this help you? (i) Headcount allocations (ii) New hire additions based on timelines (iii) Review expected staffing compliance.

Call Center Reporting and Monitoring

We assist with reporting with the use of Tableau, SQL, and other data handling tools as per requirement.  We also help with the creation, updating of dashboards on contact volumes, orders, KPIs trending; running SQL queries to check tables and data feeds, and automation and analysis. How can this help you? (i) Stay updated on performance trends, contact type trends, volume trends (ii) Monitor KPIs like CSAT, AHT, Repeat (ii) Conduct internal and external reviews like staffing meetings, WBRs, vendor reports (iii) Create new reports, modifications.

Agent Performance Management

We help with real-time management with queue management of voice, chat and email monitoring volumes, agent attendance and time management, agent skill management, exception management. We deliver actions to meet SVLs and also offer daily opening, mid-day and closing calls to report SVL trends, volume trends, staffing updates. How can this help you? (i) Ease in Queue Management via [24]7 Team call-outs to vendors on SVL levers: Absence, Unscheduled Events, High AHT/ACW/Not Available Status (ii) Updates on SVL Trending, drivers leading to influx of high volumes (iii) Ease in Cross Skill Management

In short, we can help your company grow in terms of productivity and matched profits, and therefore also build your brand experience. If you’d like a workforce management solution that works best for you, click here to connect with us: Contact [24]7 Request (247.ai)

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