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About the Foundation

Drawing inspiration from our ongoing community efforts, we have established the [24] Foundation, a separate entity that is responsible for developing and executing bigger programs for greater impact. Our goal is to make a difference by enabling success within the local community. The foundation focuses on several corporate social responsibility initiatives, including: education, blood donation, sustainability, and other community-facing activities.



Success Coaching

Training to Uplift Unsuccessful Job Applicants

The [24] Foundation coaches job applicants who marginally fail to clear the interview process for agent roles, helping them be more successful in our industry.

Child Prodigy

Child Prodigy Sponsorships

We sponsor child prodigies who show remarkable potential in sports, art, and culture. [24] supports their activities such as coaching, travel, and event participation.

Nirmalaya Project

Nirmalaya School Sanitation Project

Female children who attend public schools in developing nations like India, drop out of schools for lack of clean toilets, especially during middle school years. Our foundation strives to keep them in school and guide them to graduate successfully by sponsoring good sanitary system in public schools. So far, we have provided 100 washrooms to public schools, providing a safe and clean environment.

Advancement for Girls

Education & Advancement for Girls

After primary classes, social stigma and old traditions are some of the reasons parents stop sending their girls to schools in rural India. Partnering with an NGO, the [24] Foundation is adopting 50 schools in rural suburbs of Bangalore and Hyderabad to empower girls, educate their parents, and ensure they successfully graduate.



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