Transform voice agents from order takers to guides

While inbound call volume is decreasing, calls are becoming more complex and voice is still the number one customer service channel.
With 66 percent of callers using a smartphone and a tablet simultaneously, you can enhance up to 25-50 percent of voice calls
and reduce handling times by adding interactive tools that 87 percent of customers rate 4 stars or higher.

A hotel chain used a series of [24]7 Active Share cards to bring different properties to life during the reservation process.
The result? Nine-minute reduction in AHT and 5% increase in conversions.

What Makes [24]7 Active Share Different

Make Voice Visual

Reduce AHT

Adding visuals makes it easy for customers to navigate complex interactions like setting up products or completing forms. Shorten average handling time (AHT) for common journeys like explaining bills, accepting terms & conditions, and validating accounts.

Boost Conversion

Increase sales conversions with product images, custom recommendations, and plan comparisons. Visually presenting information while the agent explains it makes it easier for customers to understand and compare offers, leading to frictionless experiences and speedier conversions.

Increase Resolution

Improve first contact resolution rates with visual capabilities for order processing, file/image upload, account management, and trouble-shooting.

Simplify Compliance

Remove the need for agents to read lengthy documents out loud while ensuring consistent compliance that’s easy to audit. Enable agents to send and display standard text-based information like legal notices or terms and conditions directly on the customer’s screen to review and acknowledge acceptance.

Improve NPS/CSAT

Boost customer satisfaction by enabling customers to complete plan changes, place orders, manage rewards, and more—all without interrupting the call. Customers can submit information themselves, and get help from an agent as they need it.

How It Works

Enable voice agents to interact with a caller through rich visual web and mobile experiences the voice agent initiates. Agents can connect seamlessly by sending a URL link through SMS or email that customers can view on any screen - like a smart phone, desktop or tablet. For callers on the website when they call, agents can view their activity and initiate a secure collaborative web session within the existing browser. No SMS or email needed.

Common Customer Journeys

[24]7 Active Share is able to support a variety of journeys and intents including: Terms and Conditions, Regulatory Compliance Statements, Fraud Prevention Review Charges, Credit Card Entry, Plan/Product Details and Comparisons, Plan/Product Upgrades, Photo/Image upload, Scheduling Delivery/Service and more.

Customize to Suit

[24]7 Active Share is customizable to meet the unique needs of your company and customers. Using the Visual Content Composer, companies are able to easily create customizable templates for content ranging from static promotional cards and offers or more dynamic cards for things like custom product comparisons.

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