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Customer Self-Service Improves Operational Efficiency

Self-service automation in contact centers

Customer expectations today are a moving target—and keeping up without losing control of your costs is a real challenge. We help brands identify multiple levers to increase operational efficiency without sacrificing CX. Start by moving consumers away from high-cost channels and onto the ones you can optimize more easily, like asynchronous messaging—the rising star of customer engagement. From dynamic IVR tools to AI-powered agent assistance, we design our CX solutions for flexibility, adaptability, and scalability. Our build once, deploy anywhere model extends the value of your investment and our established contact centers get you to market faster.

Lots of AI vendors talk about digital transformation and increased efficiency, but few truly deliver. The [24] Engagement Cloud gives us the unique ability to measure not just handle time and first contact resolution, but cost per resolved contact (CPRC)—a more meaningful metric. With our industry-leading AIVA conversational AI technology at the heart of every interaction, we help brands significantly increase containment, agent productivity, and overall efficiency. That’s the power of automation that actually works.

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Finding the Balance between Self-Service and Live Agents

Listen to Michael DeSalles, Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, discuss how finding the ideal balance between self-service and human agents can substantially boost CSAT and brand loyalty.



Major US financial services organization

Financial services organization enables efficient and effective self-service automation with a modern IVR experience:

  • Achieved 70% self-service resolution
  • Driving $1B in service cost savings over 10 years 
  • Automates complex banking journeys and queries



Leading US consumer technology retailer

Consumer technology retailer facilitated a major shift to ecommerce using [24] chatbots plus chat and voice agents:

  • 42% conversion lift and 50% AOV increase with predictive chat
  • 300%+ growth in digital interactions handled via chat
  • 3X more concurrent agents in holiday 2020 than prior year
  • 500,000 chats handled per week




Top US activewear brand

Activewear brand dramatically improves efficiency with AI-powered automation including messaging, chatbots, and agent assistance:

  • 900,000 interactions handled by AI chatbot annually
  • 10x ROI tied to use of [24] automation

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