AI in Insurance

Increase customer experience in the insurance industry with easy digital interactions powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and AI-powered chatbots.

Blend AI and Agents to enhance experiences and efficiency

[24] redefines customer experience (CX) across every interaction. Our conversational AI platform lets you meet consumers where they are, anticipate their needs, and deliver exactly the right response. It is the only platform that predicts intent and resolves interactions consistently across time and channels.

[24] digital-first solutions help improve customer experience by addressing insurance administration issues, claim filings, status checks, and even repair scheduling. Upgrade your CX by integrating insurance chatbots into digital and voice channels to enable self service, which seamlessly transitions to live agents at critical moments. Get started quickly with 200+ AI-powered prebuilt insurance intent models that simplify your insurance processes and deliver a personalized experience across all your customer touchpoints.


Guiding the customer journey in insurance

Engage and satisfy your customers in every interaction.


AI in insurance: transform your customer journey


Acquisition and Service

  • New policy quotes
  • Coverage renewals 
  • Welcome calls
  • Servicing journey examples: reporting, filing and tracking claims, policy deductibles, proof of insurance

Retention and Loyalty

  • Proactive reminders
  • Regulation changes and policy implications
  • Fast response times to account servicing

Customer Experience

  • Predict service or sales intents across all channels
  • Intervene in real-time to guide outcome
  • Transfer context across channels for continuous experience

Maximize Profits

  • Agent utilization and productivity
  • Data and analytics
  • Containment rates
  • Technology and digital experiences

Our Customers


Chatbots in the insurance industry simplify the way customers do business with you

[24] chatbots discern intent, communicate in natural language, understand context, and sense emotional discomfort. Seamless interactions for insurance inquiries or transactions on any channel make for happy policy holders—and greater profits for you.


Best Practices

Best Practices

Operationalize Messaging

Messaging is destined to profoundly change the way that businesses and customers interact. Learn how [24] can help you operationalize messaging by using conversational AI to improve customer satisfaction and strengthen loyalty.

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Work from Home Agent Solutions

As the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread across the world, [24] was able to move early and quickly to adopt a successful work from home (WFH) model with minimal disruption.

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COVID-19 Business Continuity

During the COVID-19 pandemic, [24] has invoked business continuity plans to ensure operations across our contact centers are up and running.

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Automation can support any type of insurance-related interaction

43% +

containment rate


insurance service interactions solvable with automation


CSAT scores


annual cost savings with a conversational AI solution

Explore our applications & technology

Engagement Cloud

[24] Engagement Cloud delivers superior omnichannel experiences by blending AI and human intelligence to discover, predict and resolve consumer intents.

AIVA Technology

[24]7 AIVA conversational AI combines the world’s most advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology with an intent-driven engagement platform to enable ‘near-human’ conversations in your digital and voice channels.AIVA can understand slang, local nuances, colloquial speech, and can be trained to emulate different tones.


Messaging makes it easier for consumers to reach you. Whether your customers are connecting to a conversational chatbot or virtual or a human agent, our single platform allows you to build models once and deploy across messaging channels at scale.


[24]7 Conversations enables you to build, test, and tune your own conversational chatbots or virtual assistants and then deploy across web, mobile apps, messaging and voice channels.

Agent Services

[24]7 Agent Services is the leading provider of BPO solutions to global Fortune 500 clients, offering highly-skilled chat, messaging, voice, and email agents.


[24]7 Assist offers a unified workspace with a single console and powerful tools to empower live agents on all messaging and digital channels with blended human and artificial intelligence interactions.


Instead of providing lengthy FAQ content, delight your customers with a Q&A Chatbot that converts FAQs to conversions. Check out [24]7 Answers.


Improve customer satisfaction by automating customer service. Know how to deliver a better customer experience with call automation and text to speech ivr.

Journey Analytics

[24]7 Journey Analytics uses advanced path analytics to deliver insights that identify how to improve CX and optimize omnichannel customer journeys.


[24]7 Target helps brands to design and deliver personalized and targeted experiences across devices and channels through dynamic predictive messages and creatives.