[24]7 Target

[24]7 Target uses the power of big data and machine learning to deliver highly personalized and creative content across multiple devices and channels.

Data Sheet

It’s about personalization

[24]7 Target determines and delivers the right message to the right customer at the right time in their specific journey. With Target, brands design and deliver personalized, targeted customer experiences across devices and channels using dynamic, predictive, creative content and messaging on websites, banner ads, social media, and video platforms.


Deliver messages with impact

Improve return on investment by delivering personalized, dynamic content.

Reduce Costs
Reduce Costs

Stand out from the crowd, and connect with the right customers, on the right channels, at the right time, by accurately predicting customer intent.

Increase Customer Acquisition
Increase Customer Acquisition

Target segments with personalized messages on your website and in ads that resonate with individuals to improve acquisition as well as drive greater ROI.

Reduce Customer Effort
Reduce Customer Effort

Predict customer intent, identify target audiences, and deliver personalized marketing content that improves engagement and makes it easier for customers to connect with your brand.

Product features

Intent-Driven Customer Journeys

[24]7 Target identifies patterns in consumer interaction data that enable you to direct your advertising budget to your most-profitable customers.

Dynamic Creative Optimization

[24]7 Target draws on web journeys, purchase history, demographics, personas, and other digital signals to deliver contextual, personalized content and ads to customers in real time.

Website Personalization

[24]7 Target lowers website bounce rates and improves conversions by delivering personalized web pages based on desired segments and personas.

AI-Powered Retargeting

[24]7 Target provides dynamic and personalized content that turns previous visitors into customers by presenting them with products they are most likely to purchase.

Machine Learning

[24]7 Target uses machine learning algorithms to drive engagement and optimize ROI and ROAS (return on advertising spend). Optimize segments, budget allocation, creative, and conversions for the best ROI.

Conversational Ads

[24]7 Target accelerates conversion by driving real-time interaction within digital ads via messaging, chatbot, or live chat, providing customers needed answers to move their sales or service journey forward.

Reporting and Analytics

[24]7 Target provides a clear line of sight into campaign performance by time, segment, metric, channel, and creative, enabling you to analyze and optimize actions to achieve your campaign goals.

Outbound Messaging

With [24]7 Target, proactively reach out to a list of profiles with personalized, automated outbound campaigns via SMS and connect them via rich messaging apps. Optimize campaigns by targeting people based on who they are.

Our AdDesigner is a tool to create versatile templates that generate real-time dynamic ads for static, animated, and video content.

Ad Designer Display

Datasources populate the ad templates in real-time across different channels, creating thousands of relevant ads for unique personas.

Dynamic Creatives Display

[24]7 Target integrates product feeds, file uploads, pixel data, and offline sales data to generate dynamic ads for personalization elements. It incorporates geography, interest, location, and time data to effectively target unique personas.

Data Integrations Display

Machine Learning is involved in different stages of customer journeys to increase brand loyalty, retain customers, and increase sales.

Results Display

Target your prospects and generate real results


Lower Cost Per Acquisition


Higher Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)


Increased Acquisition Rate Growth in Online Sales


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