Redefining Customer Acquisition and Engagement

[24] is redefining the way companies interact with consumers. We help businesses attract and retain customers, and make it possible to create a personalized, predictive and effortless customer experience.


Know Consumer Intent

We give companies the unparalleled ability to know and act on consumer intent in milliseconds. By applying the power of big data and machine learning, we’ve developed predictive models that have been tuned by more than one billion annual interactions and have in depth knowledge of more than 70 consumer journeys across multiple verticals.


Deliver Memorable Moments

We help companies create moments that matter for consumers by acting on their intent and driving successful outcomes. We continuously deliver personalized, on-brand experiences in every channel, using data and design for continuous optimization.


Manage Journeys, Not Channels

We manage journeys to deliver a holistic experience that transcends channels. As customers travel along a journey context is maintained across channels. Customers never have to start over.


Transition Easily

Customers can start anywhere with quick deployments that deliver rapid results and scale by leveraging existing technology investments. Designed as SaaS from the start, [24]’s platform is constantly improving while reducing the work required by IT. Our solutions are enterprise-ready, secure, and scalable with hundreds of mission-critical deployments worldwide.


Achieve Measurable Outcomes

We’ve led the industry with our outcomes-based, no risk model. Our success-based pricing is based on achieving agreed-upon measurable outcomes. This means minimal upfront investment and a sharp departure from traditional professional services models.


By the Numbers


self-service interactions per year


virtual agent inquiries per year


agent chats per year


web visitors per month


engineers & designers


data scientists (most in industry)


patents and applications


digital chat agents (#1 worldwide)

Corporate Social Responsibility

The [24] Foundation works with several worthy non-profit organizations in India. Click here for more information.