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AI in Education

Make it easy for staff, students, and parents to find the information and resources they need, with conversational AI and an intelligent chatbot.

Serve staff and students better with a chatbot for education

People today expect easy access to whatever they need—and that applies to colleges and universities, too. Redefine support at higher education institutions with a conversational AI chatbot that can handle all your common inquiries. Give students instant access to information about things like course availability, content, and dates. Provide seamless staff services with automated interactions that are easy, efficient, and satisfying. You can even help increase enrollment by making it easy for prospective students and parents to find out about programs, scholarships, housing, and tuition. Elevate CX for your entire community, without driving up costs.


AI in school: Transform customer journeys


General Inquiries

  • Obtain course catalog
  • On-campus housing options
  • Student dining options
  • Program details and dates


  • Enrollment and applications
  • Admission requirements
  • Tuition-related questions
  • Scholarship availability

Student Services

  • New student orientation
  • Course availability and content
  • Ordering transcript copies
  • Fees and tuition payment

Staff Services

  • Curriculum requirements
  • Online teaching resources
  • Employment benefits
  • Grading and marking queries

Best practices

Best practices

Operationalize Messaging

Messaging is profoundly changing the way people interact. Learn how [24] can help you operationalize messaging by using conversational AI to improve student and facility experiences.

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Modernize your IVR

Today's students want to self-serve and get things done fast while seamlessly switching between voice and digital channels.

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COVID-19 Business Continuity

Learn more about how [24] can help you automate FAQs related to student services affected by COVID-19.

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Manage a greater volume of inquires with automation and AI in education.


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