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Simplify complex interactions and make it easier for patients to find what they need, with AI-powered CX tools for healthcare providers.

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Bring AI and insights into your healthcare customer experience CX

The healthcare industry is more complex than ever, and connecting patients with the information and services they need can be challenging—but it’s crucial to providing the consumer-like experiences people have come to expect. That means letting patients choose their channel, making self-service an option, and delivering experiences that are efficient, effective, and satisfying. To make it easy for patients to get what they need without hiring an army of support agents, you need AI-powered solutions built for healthcare needs.

[24] combines industry-leading conversational AI with over 20 years of experience making customer engagement better across digital and voice channels. We blend machine automation and human insight to streamline interactions, control costs, and improve Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) scores. Our build once, deploy anywhere model lets you extend the value of your CX investment and scale easily to meet your customers on the channels they prefer. Plus, we have the unique ability to seamlessly transfer conversations to a HIPAA compliant channel to discuss health information securely. [24]7.a is the partner you can trust to bring the power of AI to your patient engagement—right now, and into the future.


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HIPAA compliance

[24] is compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We ensure our compliance with all HIPAA Rules (Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification) and adhere to the regulated Administrative, Physical, and Technical Safeguards. [24] is dedicated to securing any Protected Health Information (PHI) or Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) at all times.


Healthcare chatbots transform and simplify patient experiences at scale



  • Patient acquisition
  • Prioritization and triage
  • Customer engagement
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Medical adherence
  • Billing inquiries
  • Answering FAQs (hours, locations, fee schedules)


  • Customer acquisition
  • Plan selection and pricing
  • Coverage questions
  • Billing inquiries
  • Locating a provider
  • Answering FAQs


  • Medication access and review
  • Order refills
  • Additional refill authorization
  • Complication details
  • Delivery options
  • Proactive alerts and reminders (daily medication reminders, immunization, clinical service)

Take patient engagement to the next level with conversational AI


Make it easier to get things done

Give patients a consistent, familiar experience across channels—from messaging platforms to your secure native app. With [24], you can automate answers, using healthcare chatbots, to common questions about things like coverage, prescriptions, and provider locations. An intelligent chatbot can even manage more complex interactions such as appointment scheduling, payment questions, and health condition tracking. Save your patients time and effort by putting answers at their fingertips instead of making them call or search on your website. And with our build once, deploy anywhere model, you can easily extend support to new channels using the content that’s already working.


Boost productivity

For patient needs that require human support, [24] Engagement Cloud brings together the best of both worlds. Our advanced natural language capabilities allow the AI to extract the true meaning behind what your patients are saying and anticipate what they need. It can even detect sentiment, and knows when to escalate to a live agent or how to guide the conversation based on intent. When an agent steps in, the chatbot or IVR provides context and personal details for faster resolution. Get closer to your patients however they connect—across phone, web chat, SMS, or digital messaging platforms. Be there to show them you care.


Personalized patient experience

Smarter automation helps increase self-service containment and control support costs, without sacrificing CAHPS. Plus, a better patient experience drives loyalty and builds your brand reputation. With [24]7 Target, you can create a personalized, hyper-targeted outreach program to provide a personal touch with no agent assistance. Send messages for appointment reminders and follow-up visits, or complex tasks like asking a patient to change their dressing after a surgical procedure. You can even schedule daily reminders to take medication or get up and do some exercise. After all, helping your patients stay healthy is at the heart of everything you do—and [24] can help keep them on track.

AI in healthcare transforms the customer experience and drives measurable success


average accuracy rate


CSAT scores


questions answered/month


average answer rate

Best practices

Healthcare Best Practices

Personalization & AI-powered Patient Experiences

Make meaningful connections with patients by dynamically personalizing engagements and outreach. Improve adherence with patient outreach, giving the right advice at just the right time. Set appointments, deliver reminders–all the tools you need to get you and your patients connected in a uniquely personalized way.

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Operationalize Asynchronous Messaging

Messaging is profoundly changing the way patients interact with providers. Learn how [24] can help you improve patient satisfaction and strengthen loyalty by using conversational AI to make messaging a key part of your operation.

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Work from Home Agent Solutions

When the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread across the world, [24] was able to move early and quickly to reimagine our contact centers and adopt a successful work from home (WFH) model with minimal disruption.

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