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[24] Managed Customer Engagement

Bring together the best agents, industry-leading AI technology, and operational expertise for a complete, end-to-end customer engagement platform.

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Meet all your customer support needs with a single partner

When you’re juggling multiple vendors for agents, infrastructure, and technology, competing priorities can prevent you from reaching your digital transformation and customer experience (CX) goals. [24] Managed Customer Engagement combines our best-in-class [24] Engagement Cloud with digitally-savvy and emotionally intelligent customer service agents to drive continual improvement for the best possible CX outcomes.

Built on 20+ years of contact center operational expertise, our end-to-end managed solution helps companies overcome internal and external roadblocks to enhance automation, stay ahead of the technology curve, and reduce cost per interaction—without a big upfront investment. We blend AI automation and machine learning with human insight and experience to continually refine and enhance models, journeys, and experiences. Take control of your CX with a holistic approach and gain a data-driven advantage.



Stay ahead of the curve

[24] is a recognized CX and AI technology leader. With [24] Managed Customer Engagement, you always get the latest technology and best-in-class innovations—without having to upgrade or invest in new solutions. Keeping up with customer expectations and industry advances is built into our business model.


Continually improve outcomes

Take advantage of ongoing optimization for both automated experiences and agent services. We monitor your systems to make sure visitors are being routed to the best channel based on intent and find new ways to increase automation and augment agent interactions. We’re the partner you can count on to meet and exceed your business objectives.


Drive higher ROI

Reduce the overhead cost of managing multiple vendors and get more bang for your budget with a single point of control. Increased automation and ongoing optimization lowers costs even more by increasing self-service containment, shortening average handle time (AHT), and reducing cost per resolved contact (CPRC). Plus, you can get to market faster because we’re already established around the world.


What you get with [24] Managed Customer Engagement

MCE Solution

Guiding the customer journey

Use AI to transform your customer experience.

Bring together people, process, and technology


[24] Engagement Cloud

Our unified customer engagement platform combines industry-leading conversational AI technology with intuitive agent-side tools to automate conversations and augment interactions at every touchpoint. Deliver consistent experiences across channels and make it easier to get things done.


The best agents

We hire the best people, provide targeted training to align omnichannel skills to unique business needs, and keep teams engaged with ongoing coaching and development. We have 95% agent retention and are the top-ranked vendor for 90% of our clients. Happy agents, happy customers.


AIVA technology

Anticipate customer intent and accelerate resolution with our industry-leading conversational AI technology. AIVA understands natural language and detects sentiment, so it can route customers to the most appropriate virtual or human agent. Elevate CX with two-way conversations that feel human.


Blending AI + HI

Our agents work alongside AI to enhance every interaction. Agents use collaborative tagging to train AI models and continually improve automation. AI supports agents to reduce AHT, boost productivity, and contain costs. Get the best of machine efficiency and human insight.


Rapid deployment

Get up and running fast and scale up easily. We have established contact centers around the world—choose onshore, offshore, and nearshore locations. Access to a diverse talent pool and proficiency in multiple languages means we can reach high performance faster, and serve your customers in more markets.


Compliance framework

[24] follows a rigorous framework to ensure ongoing compliance with ever-changing regulatory requirements and simplify auditing. We can also build compliance with organizational regulations, policies, and standards into your operational model.


Drive better outcomes with a singular approach

Enhance self-service

Enhance self-service

Deflect calls from IVR and voice to digital and messaging channels, lowering costs and driving digital transformation. Better automation means you can increase self-service containment and bring in messaging-savvy live agents at key points in the customer journey. Team AI and agents for the best possible outcomes.

Increase resolution

Increase resolution

Continually optimize end-to-end customer journeys by identifying new intents and opportunities to automate. Route visitors to the most effective channel and improve CX with automated smart responses. Seamlessly escalate to an agent when a human touch is needed, including full context.

Boost efficiency

Boost efficiency

Give agents an AI-powered console and intuitive tools to increase productivity. Automating repetitive tasks frees your workforce to focus on higher-value queries, which are more satisfying. Prompt agents with smart responses to make their life easier, and use agent interactions to continually improve automation.

Transform CX

Transform CX

Keep up with rapid CX innovation and changing customer expectations. We take your customer-centric strategy and operationalize it so you can focus on running your business. Get more contacts on digital channels, continuously improve engagement, and boost CSAT and NPS. Your customers will thank you.

A large U.S. retailer with three affiliated brands achieved extraordinary performance results in their first 90 days.


days go live


increase in bot containment rate from the launch


reduction in cost per contact


peak answer rate


out of 5 CSAT peak performance


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