Boost Satisfaction and Conversions While Lowering Costs

[24]7 Chat delivers significant support cost reduction and sales revenue uplift by deflecting contacts from phone and email. Use intent-driven engagement and deep chat analytics to understand what your customers want to do, systematically enhancing customer experiences and improving agent effectiveness.


Extend the Reach of Your Customer Conversations

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Increase sales conversions
Increase Revenue

Increase sales conversions up to 30% with advanced, repeatable artificial intelligence (AI) models that identify who to target, when to engage, and what to recommend.

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Improve CSAT
Deliver Frictionless Customer Experiences

Improve CSAT as much as 20%, reduce resolution time by 83% across all channels, and deliver a superior customer experience when it matters most.

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Web chat digital transformation
Drive Digital Transformation

Create real connections with intelligently automated virtual agents (VAs) plus enhanced live digital chats for the perfect blend of human and machine.

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What Makes [24]7 Chat Different

  • Easily Extend Chat to Every Channel

    Extend chat to wherever your customers are for a unified experience across web, mobile, apps, messaging, Facebook, and even IVR.

  • Personalize Interactions Based on Customer Intent

    Use web journey, visitor behavior, structured and unstructured data to identify every visitor’s intent in real-time, so you can personalize interactions.

  • Data-Driven Analytics

    [24]7 Chat brings advanced analytical techniques and insights from chat mining to every stage of the conversation to maximize efficiency.

  • Make Chat Visual

    Extend chat by enabling agents to push interactive visual content (called Active Cards) to customers within the chat UI across any device.

  • Agents Train Bots

    Empower your agents to train the AI engine with collaborative transcript tagging. Plus, reduce average wrap up time (AWT) with wrap-up auto-fill.

  • Boost Agent Productivity with CRM Integration

    Are your agents wasting time switching between two systems? Now you can integrate your Salesforce CRM with [24]7 Chat and prevent agents from having to toggle between consoles or outside systems. Increase their productivity and improve CSAT by bringing customer context within a single view with a widget embedded in the Chat console or within Salesforce CRM. Includes out-of-the-box integrations for Salesforce, Zendesk, and MS Dynamics.


Leading Telecom Success Story


cost savings from routing
improvements with predicted intents


increase in chat volume by deflecting
higher cost voice channel


chat completion rate
leading to improved CSAT


Built for Agents, by Agents

With help from over 7,000 in-house agents, the redesigned [24]7 Chat console delivers information where and when they need it most to reduce handling time and boost customer satisfaction.

  • Journey Insights
  • Seamless VA Transfer
  • Agents Train Bots

To learn more about how modern chat solutions can support your digital transformation strategy,
download Chat Contact Center Best Practices Guide.

How To Buy

  • FAQ bot
  • Web search interface
  • Knowledge Base
  • Conversation interface
  • Content Builder
  • Reporting
(Includes Essentials Package)
  • Transactional bot
  • Mobile SDK, web and messaging channels
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Sentiment detection
  • Open API
  • Active Cards
  • Intent Prediction Models
  • Model Workbench
(Includes Premier Package)
  • Workforce Management (WFO)
  • IVR2Chat

Discover the Power of Chat

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On-Demand Webinar: The High Cost of Cheap Chat

Learn how a strategically designed chat solution can anticipate customer needs and generate dramatic ROI, and why “free” chat solutions may be the most costly of all.

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