[24]7 ConversationsTM - Conversational Messaging Chatbot and IVR

Deliver industry-leading conversational AI chatbots and IVR across digital and voice channels.

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Power your customer engagement with [24]7 Conversations

[24]7 Conversations combines machine efficiency and conversational AI with human experience and insight to anticipate and resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently.

Conversations lets your customers choose where, how, and when to connect with your brand while ensuring a familiar experience across digital, voice, and messaging channels. Using our AIVA technology, Conversations discovers intent, the true meaning behind customer requests. Easily create, view, and modify bots for messaging, web, mobile, or interactive voice response (IVR) on a single interface across all channels. With one click, you can easily add any model to the bot or IVR of your choice.


Automate your customer experiences


Understand Your Users Intent

Understand Your Users Intent

Using behavioral analysis and tagging activities, our conversational AI understands the true meaning behind each customer’s request—enabling an automated bot or human agent to deliver the right response at the right moment.


Increase Call Deflection

Increase Call Deflection

Once you have customized your intent model, it deploys quickly and easily across numerous messaging channels, SMS, web, and IVR systems. This gives your customers a familiar experience however they interact with your brand, and allows you to easily tune your models and automatically update them to achieve your deflection goals.


Improve CSAT

Improve CSAT

[24]7 Conversations features seamless escalation to human agents with context and conversation. Customers don’t have to repeat themselves and journeys can pick up where they left off, reducing frustration and improving customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) results.


Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

[24]7 Conversations delivers the most cost-effective customer interactions through conversational messaging, replacing or integrating with existing technologies.

Product features


Card Designer

[24]7 Conversations uses active cards, enabling you to add images, video, or interactive content to your automated conversations, improving customer engagement and CSAT.


Omnichannel Capabilities

[24]7 Conversations deploys across multiple messaging channels (including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Google Business Messaging) and digital channels including web and SMS. It also integrates with speech systems such as IVR and PDAs.


Intent Classification

[24]7 Conversations understands customers’ words and their meanings, enabling AI and human agents to act on customer intent.


Seamless Escalation

[24]7 Conversations transfer the full conversation history to a live agent so customers never have to repeat themselves. The result: higher CSAT and NPS scores.


Content Management Tools

[24]7 Conversations provides tools for adding and modifying bot responses and decision trees, enhancing your customers’ experience.


Vertical Ontologies

[24]7 Conversations includes preconfigured intent models for kick-starting or accelerating your programs in a variety of vertical markets.


Sentiment Detection

[24]7 Conversations detects when a customer is uncomfortable and escalates the interaction seamlessly to a live agent.


Make Messaging your first point of contact

Conversational messaging allows you to create, manage, and deploy chatbots across multiple messaging channels, pulling all your AI chatbots into one easy-to-use tool. Our open API integrates with natural language understanding (NLU) models from Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson, and other platforms, and provides many intent models that increase accuracy and resolve consumer issues faster.

Build your own chatbots

Create, manage, and deploy chatbots across multiple channels

Drive down costs and time to market

[24]7 Conversations comes with intuitive tools that allow you to manage intents, conversations, and dialogs and deploy the changes to your choice of channels and conversational interfaces. Study user requests and preferences for insights that optimize the user experience.

Customize Content

Manage Models

Simulate Conversations

What makes [24]7 Conversations better?



Easily extend your bot to wherever your customers are for a unified experience across web, mobile apps, messaging, Apple Business Chat, Google Business Messaging, Facebook Messenger, and even IVR.

Intent Prediction

With our AIVA technology, Conversations understands consumer intent through behavioral analysis and NLU, processing the intent against the models built in the Conversations management tool.

Data-driven Analytics

[24]7 Conversations brings advanced analytical techniques and insights to every stage of the conversation to maximize efficiency and improve response accuracy over time.

Visual Content

Enable your bot to provide rich, visual content through Card Designer to enhance customer engagement and improve CSAT.

Interprets Emotion

Escalate to a human agent sooner when your customer is showing signs of discomfort with the engagement and predict your customers’ needs to speak with an expert.


Business Messages reduces average handle times 28% for DISH Success Story

DISH Network

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