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[24]7 Assist™

Empowers agents to quickly resolve customer issues across voice, video, chat, and messaging channels.

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Great customer experiences start with your agents

Agents know better than anyone what they need to work efficiently, to serve customers effectively, and to enjoy their jobs. That’s why we enlisted the 10,000+ agents in our award-winning [24] Agent Services™ group to design the enhanced [24] Agent Assist agent workspace.

The typical agent spends most of each support call researching account information and trying to make sense of different data types pulled from multiple sources. Meanwhile customers slowly steam. No wonder customers and agents both report they’re frustrated.


[24] Agent Workspace

Designed by agents for agents, the AI-powered [24]7 Assist unified workspace engages customers on any channel—voice, video, synchronous or asynchronous messaging, and digital. Agents enjoy AI-enabled contextual, next-best-response recommendations and visual cues; real-time journey insights; personalized coaching; seamless integration with third-party applications such as CRMs; and a customizable, widget-based work environment that agents make their own. And customers enjoy speedier, more successful conversations and a consistent, branded experience no matter how they’ve made contact or whether their agent is onsite or remote.

Agent workspace

Key benefits


Elevate CSAT & NPS

With the right tools and relevant information at their fingertips, agents personalize conversations and quickly resolve issues—enhancing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Boost Agent Productivity

Agents work more efficiently with AI-powered resources in an intuitive workspace—reducing average handle time, escalations, and transfers while increasing first call resolution. All they need is an internet-connected device.

Drive Better Outcomes

With quick access to the customer journey and context, agents make the right recommendations at the right time, accelerating resolution and sales conversions.

Product features



Enriches voice, video, chat, and multiple asynchronous messaging channel conversations, both inbound and outbound.



Enables agents to resize the widgets, move them around, and make the workspace their own.


Remote or Onsite

Works with access to the internet: Agents need only a stable connection and a device; cloud-based with nothing to install or plug in.


Contextual AI Assistance

Considers the customer’s profile and history, the agent’s experience and skills, and the conversation itself, then draws on relevant resources to offer real-time advice.



Ensures rich, AI-powered FAQs or a structured knowledge repository is always at hand.


Multimodal Conversations

Enables agents to share interactive, visually rich content via SMS or email during ongoing conversations to resolve more-complex issues (e.g., product comparison, bill pay) effectively.


Supervisor Tools

Notifies supervisors of issues (e.g., escalations, noncompliant conversations); enables them to dynamically update user roles and permissions.


Real-Time Agent Metrics

Gives supervisors visibility into operational status (e.g., queued customers, available agents) and agent and team performance (e.g. AHT).



Integrates with virtually any agent-facing application and is accessible from CRMs and other third-party applications.