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Improve your Digital Engagement with [24]7 AssistTM

Empower your agents with a robust suite of tools to drive more productive and contextual conversations.

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Give agent tools to elevate engagement

[24]7 Assist offers the right toolset and relevant context at your agents' fingertips to best serve customers across digital and voice engagements. Assist includes three options:

  • Digital Assist
  • Assist Widget for CRM
  • Active Share

Digital Assist is a unified, AI-powered agent console for messaging apps and chat interactions. Assist Widget for CRM provides native and custom connectors to embed Digital Assist into your customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise systems for a holistic view of customers. Active Share simplifies complex voice calls by enabling voice agents to push visually rich digital content to callers' mobile devices.


How to improve chatbot customer experience

Chatbot-based customer experience is an essential part of IVR services. Chatbots help you build brand loyalty by helping your customers find what they want and directing them to the right solution. It is essential to understand the customer's needs to improve their experience. [24] has the right set of tools to accomplish your goals.

Operational Expertise

Built by agents for agents, the [24]7 Assist workspace draws on input from 7,000+ in-house agents to support a comprehensive range of agent needs.

Unified, Intuitive Interface

Optimized layout with visual cues and predictive models allows agents to focus on the right conversation. [24]7 Assist supports chat and multiple messaging channels from a unified platform.

AI and Agent Teaming

Bots assist agents with Next-Best Response to improve customer satisfaction and agent productivity. Agents train Bots to improve automation and reduce time-to-market.

Holistic Customer View

Assist integrates seamlessly with various CRM and enterprise systems, providing agents complete customer context and data within a single view.


How [24] helps customer engagement through digital channels

A Digital Toolset for Agent Productivity

Digital Assist

Re-imagine the agent experience with a next-generation, AI-powered agent console. [24]7 Digital Assist supports chat and multiple messaging channel interactions from a unified desktop. Our console enables agents to have intent-driven conversations with AI-assisted response, awareness of the visitor web journey, and data from your CRM and knowledge base. Outbound messaging allows agents to send customers outbound messages on SMS to initiate high-value marketing and customer care conversations. With integrations to [24]7 Answers and Google CCAI, Agent Assist empowers agents to provide contextual next best response recommendations using snippets of information from products and services, knowledge bases, FAQs, and articles.

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Assist Widget for CRM

Context is king in a conversation. With a single user interface to push interaction information to, and pull it from, your CRM system or knowledge base, you’ll reduce average handling time (AHT), operating costs and customer frustration. Native and custom integrations enable you to embed our widget into your CRM System, or bring your CRM into our workspace.

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Active Share

Active Share modernizes voice calls with visually rich, personalized, interactive digital content delivered directly to a visitor's phone, tablet, or computer, engaging them with relevant information. This is powerful stuff for today's digitally minded consumers, increasing customer satisfaction and promoting resolution. It also increases revenue. Push digital content for a variety of voice journeys and intents, including terms and conditions, regulatory compliance statements, reviewing and comparing plan/product details, and much more.

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