Jan 13, 2022

Creating Happier Employees: A Hurrah for [24]7.ai HR!

Monti Becker Kelly
By Monti Becker Kelly

Chief Sales Officer

Businesses today increasingly realize the value of happy, engaged employees. As a firm believer in the happiness quotient, I’d like to give a loud and proud cheer to our [24]7.ai™ HR team for building a company culture truly focused on keeping employees satisfied and motivated—an especially difficult task in these trying times.

I could not help but be impressed with the tenacity and spirit with which our HR team rallied to keep [24]7’ites excited, enthusiastic, and upbeat. HR is not a part of my job purview; I’m just giving credit where credit is due. Our company culture has always been people-oriented, no doubt about it, but particularly in the last year our HR team stepped it up big time with inspiring initiatives.

Empowering employee engagement

HR included employee families! From informal e-meet sessions in which our members’ families joined team huddles to exciting Passion Club contests, engagements took an interesting shift as our employees moved from onsite to WFH. HR also created opportunities for employees to showcase their talents—in hackathons, talent trove contests, and more—in an atmosphere of positivity.

I loved that these engagements were global. That led to participation like never before and a lot of new friendships. Activities such as quizzes, photography contests, smArtist auctions, World Environment Day-themed poetry, and more got employees diving into and sharing their hobbies again. It even gave them a break from stressors in the world and at work. Our HR folks also seamlessly coordinated our annual events—HUM and Excellence Awards, to name a few—that zealously united our people.

Celebrating the company’s 20th anniversary was another proud moment that I felt reinspired everyone to keep their collective chin up and keep striving to be the best, as was when HR pulled out all the stops to celebrate International Woman’s Day. Every employee has also been given business, societal, and personal opportunities with Center Head Town Halls, Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, and COVID-19 efforts.

HR also launched numerous initiatives encouraging our employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle—physically and mentally—from a forum for candid conversations, counselling support, and music therapy to a quit smoking campaign and Health Officers assigned to ensure the safety of our team members.

We celebrated diversity, equality, and love for our internal and external LGBTQIA+ community with the Pride 2020 campaign. We also celebrated motherhood with discussion forums and assistance. Another highlight was the Radio247 sessions around a number of relevant themes that were welcomed by our audience for its musical and candid vibe.

These were some of the initiatives taken up to bring together people from all walks of life.

I have to say I feel certain these activities were not created just to check things off a list; instead, HR made every effort to execute them effectively and give our employees the time and space they needed for a work-life balance.

Ready for what may come

It is important to prioritize an employee’s emotional connection to the organization. Given HR’s series of initiatives, employees and their efforts have been given more prominence. I’d like to think that teams have become more inspired and connected with the company culture, and that these initiatives have made work and nonwork lives easier. Our people have already shown they are made of strong stuff. I imagine now they will be further motivated to be extraordinary and deliver extraordinary results.

I’d like to thank our HR team for understanding our employees and weaving in the right-fit activities to truly bolster the company culture.

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