[24]7 Conversation Insights: Business Intelligence Platform for Contact Centers

[24]7 Conversation Insights

Gain actionable, relevant intelligence from all customer conversations.

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You have the data—now get the insights

Contact centers generate a massive treasure trove of “voice of the customer” information every day. [24]7 Conversation Insights puts it to work for your customers, your agents, and your operations and brand. Monitor all interactions involving your human agents and bots, wherever and however they occur. Automatically aggregates and standardizes conversation data—whether it's structured or not, no matter the source or type—and analyzes it for out-of-the-box reporting. 


Key benefits


Enhance the Customer Experience

Uncover what’s going well, what isn’t, and what’s coming by understanding customer intent and sentiment, and doing root cause analyses.

Boost Agent Performance

Pinpoint which agents need what kind of coaching when they need it to assure quality and improve productivity.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Apply intelligence to address increased call volumes, repeat calls, escalations, transfers, poor resolution rates, and more.

Protect Brand Reputation

Automate the quality assurance process to identify and address noncompliant conversations before they become problems.

Product features



Transform large volumes of unstructured speech data to text, via automatic speech recognition, for additional analysis.



Securely store and index every conversation for later searching and playback to support agent coaching and quality monitoring. Customize the retention period for your specific needs.



Drill down into thousands or even millions of conversations based on such parameters as customer, agent, queue, duration, and more. Derive instant insights from ad hoc analyses.


Full Unstructured Text Search

Search keywords and open text based on what’s unique to your business—such as the mention of your products or your competition’s, a particular season or place name—to surface relevant conversations for further analysis.


Sentiment Over Time

Understand how particular agents shape customer sentiment during a call. The most effective agents end interactions that begin negatively—such as with a customer expressing frustration at a problem—with a burst of positive customer sentiment, as when the situation is satisfactorily resolved.


Topic Extraction and Topic Sentiment

Find common topics across voice and digital interaction channels, and tie them (including multiple topics subsumed in the same sentence) to a sentiment score. Understand your customers’ sentiment about your products, services, support, brand, and more.


Business Rules

Create custom rules to identify and tag the conversations in which your specified topics of interest occur.


Geographic Modeling

Want to know where certain activity occurred at a particular time, say, which states had the highest tech support call volume during an NFL game? Geographic modeling gives you the snapshot in seconds.


Dashboard Creation

Create customizable, role-based dashboards for your stakeholders—such as the executive team and sales and quality leaders—to surface relevant insights.


How does [24]7 Conversation Insights work for you?

journey analytics

Power your organization from a single source of truth

Platform-agnostic insights eliminate data silos even when the dataset is merged with customer data from transactional systems such as CRM. Use journey analytics to improve product development, marketing, supply chain management, operations and more.

Truly understand your customers from the micro to the macro

Truly understand your customers from the micro to the macro

Discover emerging customer trends as they develop across your distributed contact center. Then drill down—to an individual channel, queue, agent, or conversation—to identify the various root causes. And do it all from a single pane of glass.

Boost individual agent and team performance objectively

Boost individual agent and team performance objectively

Go beyond standard agent performance metrics by analyzing every conversation to learn what top agents are doing that the outliers are not. Equip supervisors with insights that guide personalized, real-time coaching for every agent in every situation.

Subject every interaction to quality monitoring

Subject every interaction to quality monitoring

Monitor all written and spoken conversations. Then use advanced speech and text analytics to ensure service quality, script adherence, and compliance (legal, corporate standards, etc.). Automatically tag conversations for review based on topics of interest.

Put customer data to work for you

Understand what they’re saying and how to use it

Take the data-driven path to understanding customers

Analyze enriched customer interaction data to understand customer intent, identify the topics your customers care about, discover and monitor their sentiment, and pinpoint areas you must improve to elevate the omnichannel customer experience.

Put Customers First

Monitor, evaluate, and store every conversation

Analyze what agents communicate to customers in every verbal and text interaction—then automatically score it on key, quality assurance criteria. Even create business rules for specific conversation keywords to flag for additional quality assurance investigation.

Gain Quality Assurance

Equip supervisors with nonbiased intelligence

Managers access detailed interaction analyses, top agent modelling, automated scoring, and more to identify the best and worst performers as well as to highlight where each excels or falls short—actionable intelligence invaluable for improving performance.

Boost Agent Performance

Leverage CX analytics companywide

When you combine customer-interaction, journey analytics, and operational systems data, and analyze it from a customer’s perspective in a unified solution, you’ll gain insights for improving operations, product development, marketing and sales, and more.