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Empower AI in Marketing - Programmatic Ad Targeting

Increase sales and boost return on ad spend (ROAS) with an AI-powered predictive targeting system. Make your advertising budgets work harder.

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Combining powerful AI technology with predictive analysis

When consumers see advertising messages that don't connect with their needs, they ignore or even actively avoid them. That’s why traditional channel-based advertising is no longer effective, or efficient—the one-size-fits-all campaign just doesn’t connect. Contextual-based programmatic ad targeting combines powerful AI technology with predictive analytics to anticipate what consumers are trying to do and fine-tune creative content to help them get it done. Deliver dramatically better outcomes for digital advertising spend with AI-powered programmatic targeting options.


Target smarter with the power of AI

With the [24] Engagement Cloud as your foundation and [24]7 Target as command central, you can harness the power of AI automation, machine learning, and granular insight to drive significantly better campaign performance at scale.


Patented intent prediction

Draw on first, second, and third-party data to anticipate what customers are trying to do and personalize messages to meet their needs precisely. Our industry-leading AIVA technology analyzes consumer behavior to understand customer journeys and more accurately predict intent.


Cross-channel targeting

Develop marketing campaigns once and easily deploy them anywhere with just a few clicks—launch across display ads, video ads, social media, and websites. Save time and money while creating a consistent customer experience (CX) wherever your audience connects.


Dynamic creative optimization

Build your campaign by feeding hundreds of creative options into a personalization matrix. [24]7 Target automatically stitches together ideal advertising creative based on intent and persona insights, with real-time optimization. No other platform can manage this level of complexity—and make it simple.


Conversational ads

Take consumers directly from a digital ad into a live conversation with a chatbot that can answer questions, or connect them to an agent. A smart chatbot can even close the deal on the spot by helping customers complete a transaction. Reduce costs, lower customer effort, and eliminate drop-off points. Almost half of consumers are willing to provide payment information in a display ad environment, capturing significant incremental sales without adding to already high website traffic.


Benefits of programmatic targeting


Increase Acquisition

Reach your target segments with personalized messages that resonate on an individual level and drive:

  • 2x higher purchase rate
  • 10% incremental website conversion
  • 20% higher conversion from social and display campaigns

Reduce Costs

Maximize ROI and make sure your campaigns, bids, and budgets reach the right people to achieve:

  • 2x higher click through rate (CTR)
  • 3x higher ROAS
  • 27% lower cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • 75% reduction in time to launch

Lower Customer Effort

Understand what consumers are trying to do and tailor content to make it easier for them, resulting in:

  • 7% increased add-to-cart rate
  • 11% increase in same-day conversions
  • >10% reduction in bounce rate

How contextual-based programmatic ad targeting works

If you’re still using a traditional channel-based approach to digital marketing instead of AI-based marketing, chances are you’re leaving money on the table. Showing the same ads to the same people cannibalizes budgets and annoys consumers—and with Google limiting cookies in response to privacy concerns, you need a reliable way to drive results based on real-time contextual relevance.


Analyzing the new and existing customer for predictive targeting

Find your audience

We start by combining data from multiple channels including offline sales to define user attributes and journeys. Next, we feed all of this into our AI data platform to create statistical models that predict intent for new and existing customers based on their behavior and attributes. Then we divide those intents into segments using persona mapping via purchase propensity and dynamically deliver the just-right creative to drive more conversions.


Optimize in flight

Optimize in flight

Our AI-powered personalization engine uses persona mapping via purchase propensity to spin customized creative and adapt in milliseconds for the best possible outcomes. Learn and act faster using design experiments rather than A/B testing. Deliver hundreds of thousands of unique impressions based on any number of contextual variants—from time of day and day of week, to products, services, interests, location, and even the weather.


Looking at the personalized ads while browsing

Bring them back

Go beyond basic retargeting by re-engaging consumers with ads showing the products or services they looked at when they last visited your site. Keep the conversation going and turn past visitors into new customers by targeting the people most likely to purchase with the products they’re most likely to buy.

AI in marketing drives better results

Break through the digital noise with compelling messages and connect your marketing spend to increased sales revenue. With AI-powered optimization and an intent-based approach, [24] continually fine-tunes messages to improve campaign performance across all your digital platforms.

Ongoing Optimization

Real world success


Back-to-School Snacks

A well-known CPG brand launched a back-to-school campaign in collaboration with a national grocery chain targeting parents by location and purchase behaviors with personalized virtual or in-person messages down to the school district level nationally, driving:

  • 17x ROAS
  • 9% incremental sales lift

Leading Telecom

A leading telecom company used ad targeting to improve their results:

  • 2x higher ad conversion
  • 20% more web conversions
  • 30% lower CPA

Leading Airline

A top national air carrier used ad targeting to achieve:

  • 16x higher click-thru rate
  • 10% lower cost per mile
  • 2x more clicks

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