AIVA Conversational AI

[24]7 AIVA is our industry-recognized artificial intelligence used to create conversational bot experiences that drive deeper engagements and greater business value.

Technology Brief

Make it easy for customers to communicate with you

[24]7 AIVA Conversational AI is a technology layer that combines the world’s most advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology with an intent-driven engagement platform to enable ‘near-human’ conversations in your digital and voice channels. AIVA understands slang, local nuances, and colloquial speech, and can be trained to emulate different tones.

Give your customers the amazing experience they deserve from their very first contact with your brand. Whether customers are searching for information or need assistance with transactions, AIVA guides them at every step with natural conversation in their chosen language.


Conversation powered by smarter AI

AIVA Technology Image

Natural Language Processing

AIVA uses natural language understanding to intelligently process user inputs against multiple models, enabling your bot to respond in a more human-like way to non-transactional journeys. AIVA understands slang, local nuances, colloquial speech, and can be trained to emulate different tones. 

Sentiment Analysis

Our AIVA AI technology layer abstracts pre-built sentiment and social models to prioritize and seamlessly escalate to an agent when it detects a customer needs expert advice. [24] sentiment detection will recognize an angry customer and immediately route them to an agent. You can also prioritize unhappy customers in the system, placing them in special queues or offering exceptional services.

Deep Learning

Deep learning technology is a machine learning technique inspired by the human brain or ‘neural network’. It allows AI to learn by association, just like a child. The more data AI is exposed to, the better it gets, and the more accurately it can respond over time. Our AI models are trained with over two decades of contact center data from various voice and digital channels, resulting in smarter and more accurate responses to human inquiries. AIVA learns from interactions between customers, bots, and human agents, optimizing intent models and further improving response accuracy over time.

Intent Prediction

Using behavioral analysis and tagging activities, AIVA can understand the true meaning behind each consumer’s request. Knowing intent allows you to deliver the right response at the right moment through an automated bot or human agent.

Deliver superior experiences

Deliver Consistent Brand Experiences

Omnichannel Orchestration


Consumers today use more devices and channels than ever. With AIVA, you can let them choose where, how, and when to connect with your brand and ensure a familiar experience wherever they are—including digital, voice, and messaging channels. With AIVA at the core, the experience is seamless and consistent at every touch point.

AI with Emotional Intelligence

Sentiment Analysis and Social Detection


Unlike most AI platforms, AIVA can detect when a customer is upset and prioritize service by escalating them to a live agent. This emotional intelligence paired with advanced natural language processing (NLP) helps you understand what your customers mean, not just what they say. Also, social models give your chatbot or virtual assistant personality because automated interactions that feel more human make a big difference to customer satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement

Deep Learning Technology


AIVA combines deep learning technologies with our unique collaborative tagging to learn and evolve, bringing ever smarter and more accurate automation into the equation. We start with AI models trained on two decades of contact center expertise and add technology that enables the AI to learn by association. AIVA uses interactions between customers, bots, and agents to learn and improve continuously.

Asynchronous Messaging is a game changer

With AIVA, you can extend messaging capabilities across emerging channels to carry on asynchronous conversations and meet your customers where they are, boosting satisfaction and loyalty.



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