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[24]7 Journey AnalyticsTM

Quickly gather insights to optimize service operations and improve customer experience.

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What customer journey analytics can do for you

[24]7 Journey Analytics is a journey discovery tool for simply exploring omnichannel customer journeys. It uses advanced path analytics for insights that improve the customer experience (CX) and optimize service operations in three steps.

  • Understand how customers interact across touchpoints.
  • Build an understanding of what’s working and what’s not.
  • Identify the root cause of issues.

Make sense of customer data regardless of its size or source

Rapid Insights

[24]7 Journey Analytics provides ongoing CX insights, metrics, and performance KPIs with root-cause drill-downs for an entire year available daily, weekly, and monthly.

Actionable Recommendations

Determine specific changes you can make to cut costs, improve Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and customer satisfaction, and grow revenue.

Ongoing Analytical Capability

Take advantage of in-depth training and best practice methodologies to build the insights you need.

Product features


Visual Query Builder

[24]7 Journey Analytics has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, which enables you to build and analyze customers’ sales and service journeys without learning query language.


Dominant Path Finder

[24]7 Journey Analytics identifies the relationship between a specific condition—such as an event, attribute, or activity—and the resulting behaviors.


Sunburst Dominant Path

[24]7 Journey Analytics shows you the most common behaviors of your chosen audiences before and after a defined event along their journey.


Defined Path

[24]7 Journey Analytics identifies and helps you understand common drop-off points and deviations from an expected or defined behavior path.


Population Comparison

[24]7 Journey Analytics identifies possible variables for predicting specific customer outcomes or behaviors.


Multi-path Query Builder

[24]7 Journey Analytics Supports complex real-world queries with incorporation of AND/OR operations to accommodate multiple events and simulate complex journey use cases.


Timeline View

[24]7 Journey Analytics provides a 360-degree view of all customer interactions and touchpoints across systems and channels.


Single Journey Viewer

[24]7 Journey Analytics dives deep into individual customer journeys to gain insights.

Empower teams to transform experiences

Identify how to optimize operations and improve CX

Understand how customers interact across touchpoints

Quickly integrate customer event data—from digital channels, voice, and offline—with data in your back-end systems. You can also model time-sequenced events to define users’ journeys and visualize omnichannel channel journeys over time.

Observe Interactions Display

See what is working and what is not

Use a simple drag-and-drop interface to successfully identify the relationship between engagement patterns and such outcomes as abandonment, calls, and complaints. Visualize where customers drop off the expected path.

Patterns & Relationships Display

Drill down in minutes, not days

Analysts need to identify the root cause of issues fast. However, the complexity of interactions over time across an ever-increasing number of channels adds too much noise for BI tools. Quickly activate change with simplified root cause analysis and interactive visualizations.

Root Cause Analysis Display

Simplifying advanced path analytics

Analysts today spend time preparing data for every hypothesis. [24]7 Journey Analytics lets analysts visually slice, dice, point, and click to discover how to increase digital adoption, what’s driving repeat calls, and more.

Advanced Path Analysis Display

Connect data to see the world as your customers do

Companies today have plenty of data, but don’t always know how to find the connections that make it valuable. [24]7 transforms data into meaningful journeys, unifying teams with an omnichannel view. Data-savvy teams can optimize and prioritize across the organization for faster time to transformation.

Connect Data Display