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[24]7 Lumos AI

[24]7 Lumos AI is our Industry-recognized artificial intelligence used to create conversational bot experiences that drive deeper engagements and greater business value.

Technology Brief

Make it easy for customers to communicate with you

[24]7 Lumos AI is a technology layer that combines the world’s most advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology with an intent-driven engagement platform to enable ‘near-human’ conversations in your digital and voice channels. Lumos AI understands slang, local nuances, and colloquial speech, and can be trained to emulate different tones by using AI-powered speech synthesis.

Consumers today use more devices and channels than ever. With Lumos AI, you can let them choose where, how, and when to connect with your brand and ensure a familiar experience wherever they are—including digital, voice, and messaging channels. With Lumos AI at the core, the experience is seamless and consistent at every touch point.


Key benefits

AIVA Conversational AI

AI that has an EQ

Our Lumos AI technology layer abstracts prebuilt sentiment and social models to prioritize and seamlessly escalate to an agent when it detects a customer needs expert advice. [24] sentiment detection recognizes an upset customer and immediately routes them to an agent. You can also prioritize unhappy customers in the system, placing them in special queues or offering exceptional services.

Continuous Improvement

Customer needs and expectations are constantly changing, which is why it’s not enough to optimize CX once. Lumos AI combines deep learning technologies with our unique collaborative tagging to learn and evolve, bringing ever smarter and more accurate automation into the equation. We start with AI models trained on two decades of contact center expertise and add technology that enables the AI to learn by association.Lumos AI uses interactions between customers, chatbots, and agents to learn and improve continuously. The benefit is more accurate intent models and responses, and better results.

Learn About AI-Powered Chatbots

Real Machine Intelligence

Simple chatbots are everywhere for a reason. They claim AI, but don’t extend beyond simple FAQ interactions. Real machine intelligence understands consumer intent, empowers natural conversations, and leverages deep learning and turn-key industry journeys to enable better experiences from day one, period.

Self-Learning Tools

Lumos AI deploys self-learning tools that leverage automated deep learning to truly systematize the discovery of customer intent and specific journeys. The scope and speed dwarfs engineered models with 10 times the results and real-time scalability.

Intelligent Collaboration

Handing off the conversation to a human agent was just the first phase. Lumos AI is the only AI virtual assistant that can retrieve one piece of data from a human agent while the customer waits briefly, then Lumos AI gets what it needs and continues the dialogue. This increased ability boosts containment and leverages the best of human agents.

Questions and Answers Conversational AI

Ask [24]

What is conversational AI?

Lumos AI is an umbrella term used to describe various methods of enabling computers to carry on a conversation with a human. This technology ranges from fairly simple natural language processing (NLP) to more sophisticated machine learning models that can interpret a much wider range of inputs and carry on more complex conversations. 

Learn why Lumos AI and how it can make a real impact.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning technology helps computer systems learn and improve from experience by developing computer programs that can automatically access data and perform tasks via predictions and detections.

What is sentiment analysis?

Sentiment analysis is the process of using NLP, text analysis, and statistics to analyze customer sentiment.

What is deep learning?

Deep learning technology is a machine learning technique inspired by the human brain or ‘neural network’. It allows AI to learn by association, just like a child. The more data AI is exposed to, the better it gets, and the more accurately it can respond over time.

What is intent prediction?

Intent prediction is the process of classifying customer intent by analyzing the language they use. Learn more about conversation design and understanding customer intent.

What is natural language processing?

NLP is a field of AI that enables computers to analyze and understand human language, both written and spoken.

What is conversational commerce?

Conversational commerce is a two-way discussion between a business and customer through messaging and chat apps where a relationship is established, ideally leading to a value-based transaction. 

Glossary of Terms


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