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Improve your Brand NPS and Customer Satisfaction CSAT

Improved NPS, CSAT to ensure a happy customer

Making it easy for customers to get things is how you make them happy, and keep them coming back. [24] helps leading global brands kick CSAT into overdrive by understanding what customers are trying to do, personalizing experiences, and resolving issues—efficiently and effectively. That means ensuring your digital and voice self-service channels are serving your customer needs. Escalating seamlessly to the right agent for high-value contacts that require a human touch. Infusing your brand DNA into every interaction, both automated and live. And simplifying each step of the customer journey, from account authentication and inquiries to payment processing and returns.

Customer satisfaction is the north star for success. Whether you’re looking to improve your customer NPS and CSAT scores or elevate your ranking on sites like JD Powers and Consumer Reports, our expert team and leading solutions can help you identify and resolve key customer pain points. Break down CX siloes, find the perfect mix of automation and live assistance, and put the customer at the center of everything you do. That’s how you make a measurable CSAT impact.

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AI and Humans Working together to Enhance CX

Listen to Michael DeSalles, Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, discuss how AI-enhanced capabilities can improve agent services, by understanding customer intent and prompting responses.



Real world satisfaction

  • >30% average lift in customer NPS/CSAT scores for [24]7 Agent Services customers
  • >10-point average NPS improvement with [24]7 Voices conversational IVR
  • 4.3/5 peak CSAT for large US retailer using [24]7 Managed Customer Engagement

Major US sportswear brand

Sportswear brand embraces AI and machine learning to elevate customer service—and satisfaction:

  • >83% improvement in customer satisfaction CSAT
  • >50-point NPS lift

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Engagement Cloud

[24] Engagement Cloud delivers superior omnichannel experiences by blending AI and human intelligence to discover, predict and resolve consumer intents.

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Agent Services

[24]7 Agent Services is the leading provider of BPO solutions to global Fortune 500 clients, offering highly-skilled chat, messaging, voice, and email agents.

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Professional Services

Design Services provide customers with time saving techniques for the best user experiences. Our customizable approach alleviates the worry about the performance or user experience. We provide an end-to-end design program that can range from consultation and support to a complete turn key service.

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Improve customer satisfaction by automating customer service. Know how to deliver a better customer experience with call automation and text to speech ivr.