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Work from Home Agent Technology

Provide your virtual agents with call center tools to maintain quality and compliance while working remotely.

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Call center technology can build resilience into your business

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, [24] reimagined the way our contact center agents work—almost overnight. We collaborated closely with our clients and redefined our agent framework to support remote work while ensuring security, compliance, and productivity. Now, we're making those solutions available for contact centers around the world. Our industry-leading virtual call center technology can be used to increase workforce flexibility and expand your global presence.

Call center tools make leadership easier in the work from home model


Keep Employees Engaged

Maintain a strong team culture and make sure your workforce feels supported. Powerful collaboration tools let agents chat with supervisors, share their screens, and video conference with their teams. Virtual social events and platforms help to keep people connected with working at a distance.


Gain Global Mobility

Ensure business continuity and expand into new regions and markets easily—no need for a brick-and-mortar presence. Get up and running faster by tapping into the local workforce and language, with enterprise security standards and built-in regulatory compliance for total peace of mind.


Increase Flexibility

Boost agent satisfaction and productivity—give your workforce greater flexibility when it comes to scheduling and hours for a better work-life balance. Empower managers with tools for virtual hiring, training, and engagement, and pass the cost savings on to clients.


Work from home technology sets your agents up for success

Work from home technology for security

Security and Compliance

Give agents a best-in-class WFH workspace that’s equipped with risk, security, and performance monitoring technologies.

Call center tools allow virtual coordination

Smart Systems

From virtual recruitment to face recognition, we’ve figured out the best ways to support remote work and put them into practice with well-defined processes. Built-in compliance systems prevent impersonation, use of digital media and writing material, and unauthorized presence or location changes.

VPN connectivity for work from home agents

Around-the-Clock Support

[24] is available anytime to ensure all WFH agents have virtual private network (VPN) connectivity and desktop availability.

Industry-leading Tools

Industry-leading Tools

Solve customer issues efficiently and effectively. [24] blends powerful AI automation with an intuitive interface to make it easy for agents to do their best work.


Performance management

We focus on ensuring consistency in delivering critical KPIs. We support continuous learning through multiple platforms, including virtual learning sessions and gamified apps. Our innovative supervisor as a leader coach program empowers supervisors to manage performance, engagement, and goals. A single line of command builds high-performing teams and closes the gap between an identified coaching need and improved outcomes. And our automated performance management tool serves as a one stop shop for virtual contact center team leaders.


Accelerating Consistent Excellence (ACE) framework

We employ our unique ACE framework to consistently deliver results. Key ACE components include holding monthly goal-setting discussions, using analytics to manage agent behavioral quotient (BQ), and keeping teams engaged with regular group activities. We create a culture of coaching through virtual training sessions, plus agent incentives and recognition. To support success and drive better outcomes, we provide a performance management playbook and make it easy to centralize control with our all-in-one tool.

ACE Framework

Real world success


For a leading telecom company

We moved voice and digital agents in India, Dallas, and Colombia to a WFH model with:

  • 0% impact on CX
  • +30% increase in average chats per agent
  • +3% improvement in resolution

For an American multinational electronic and technology retailer

We moved voice and digital agents in India and Colombia to a WFH model, achieving:

  • +12% improvement in NPS
  • +8% increase in agent interaction score
  • +25% increase in evaluate score
  • +2.5% increase in schedule adherence

Our agents create moments of joy

Department Store Icon
Thank you [24], for the tremendous job that you guys do despite the lock down. You were able to ship systems, set WFH for our team, and start delivering results.

—Largest American Departmental Store Chain

Financial Icon
Very exciting to learn about the engagement activities you are conducting to keep the morale high in these times.

—Leading American Financial Institution

Retail Icon
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you’ve done to move agents and support teams into an at-home environment in your India locations. We recognize the amount of work that’s required, so thank you.

—Leading American Multinational Retailer

Telecom Icon
What a fantastic job you guys are doing. You have an amazing team that focuses on the right things to execute and some of your call-outs are amazing, too. I am super proud of the way you have come right up to the top.

—Leading American Telco



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