AI-HI Teaming: AI Assisting Agents

Empower your CX agents to create better customer experiences with intelligent support, built in to every conversation.

Executive Summary

Power smarter interactions with intelligent agent assistance

Today’s CX agents have a lot to manage. Not only are they dealing with increasingly complex customer issues, the information they need to know is constantly changing. Even if you have a robust knowledge base in place, remembering where to retrieve that just-right nugget of content in the middle of an interaction can slow your best agents down. This leads to a poor experience for customers, agent frustration, and high churn. Luckily, help is at hand.

As an industry leader in both contact center operations and conversational AI, [24] understands what agents need to drive productive, personalized conversations—and how to deliver. Our AI Agent Assist technology is designed to make every interaction better by providing smart guidance at every step. Improve CX metrics, empower your agents, and reduce churn by making the experience better on both sides. For CX agents in any industry, AI-powered assistance is a game changer.

Set your agents up for success


Accelerate onboarding

Cut down on training time and effort, and get new agents up to speed faster by putting the information they need at their fingertips. When agents know they’ll be prompted with the next-best response, they can start any conversation with confidence—even if they’re still learning the ropes.


Build a team of experts

Help your team retain knowledge by learning on the job. Plus, with tools to identify customer intent and retrieve relevant content automatically, they don’t need to remember every detail about your products or services. AI Agent Assist turns generalists into specialists, on demand.


Reduce contact center churn

Keep your agents happy, and keep them on board. Contact center operations face incredibly high churn rates—around 20% on average. Every time you lose an agent it costs you time, effort, and money. Making their lives easier improves on-the-job satisfaction, which adds business value.


Boost customer satisfaction

Give your customers a better experience, too. Arming your agents with intelligent tools helps prevent poor experiences caused by having to start over, long wait times, or failed resolution. When every agent is a super-agent, conversations accelerate and outcomes improve.


Intuitive interface

Intuitive interface

Did you know agents spend almost half their time preparing content for chat and messaging conversations? Give them that time back and put carefully curated content at their fingertips with smart prompts. Agents can edit responses as needed, or click to use as is. Shorten handle times and increase first contact resolution.


Consolidated content

Consolidated content

Surface information from knowledge bases, FAQs, and articles to use as smart responses—all in one place. Our AI Agent Assist works with multiple recommendation engines, including [24]7 Information Retrieval Service, [24]7 Answers™, and Google CCAI. It can even source responses from multiple places and rank them based on past performance.

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Continual improvement

Continual improvement

Keep up with changing customer needs and drive ongoing optimization by tapping into agent feedback. Agents can download the responses they use the most, which helps you see what’s working and what’s not and train models to hone recommendations. For CCAI users, we provide reports you can use to manually update content.

Intelligent assistance that keeps getting smarter

Machine learning helps automated platforms enable ongoing improvement—the more data you feed it, the smarter it gets. At [24], our AI technology is built on 20 years of contact center data and agent experience. Where possible, it learns from every interaction. That means human insight is infused into process automation at every step.

Why [24]

With over 20 years of operational expertise plus industry-leading leading technology, we’re the partner you can count on to take your CX operation to the next level. We know how to strike the perfect balance between human insight and machine efficiency, and reduce your cost per resolved interaction—whether you’re just getting started or looking to transform an established brand. We’re ready to help you move the dial on the metrics that matter.




Blend human and artificial intelligence to transform the customer experience and make it easy to get things done.


AIVA Conversational AI

Power your chatbots with AI that delivers smarter, more accurate, and near-human experiences on your voice and digital channels.


Conversational Commerce

Make every interaction personalized, intuitive, and effective—on any channel. Turn interactions into ongoing conversations.

Empowered agents create better customer experiences


improved CSAT with faster resolution


improved first contact resolution with smart routing


boosted sales conversions with access to visitor context


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