Visualization Technology for Customer Engagement

Visualization Technology for Customer Engagement

Transform live or virtual agent conversations across voice and digital channels with interactive visual content—because seeing is easier than saying.

Simplify interactions with visual IVR technology

Make it easier for customers to get what they need and boost agent productivity with visual IVR technology solutions. Give voice and digital agents the ability to push personalized, interactive content right to a customer’s screen without interrupting the conversation—whether they’re connecting via chat, messaging, or voice channels. With [24] intelligent virtual agents and industry-leading AIVA technology, you can even add visual content to automated bot interactions. It’s simple, smart, and secure—no plugins, apps, or add-ons required.

Visualization can simplify interactions across industries, from account verification to comparing products, plans, or services. Our Active Cards can even process payments securely, turning conversations into transactions. Digitizing content lets live and virtual agents show customers things like disclosures, payment terms, and account charges. Co-browse and co-view features let them step in and provide even more hands-on support. [24] visualization technology solutions offer an easy and effective way to increase satisfaction, efficiency, and revenue.

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Take voice calling to the next level

Transform conversations and drive better outcomes


Simplify complex intents

Make it significantly easier for customers to get things done via self or assisted service. Visual IVR solutions save time and effort by turning complicated interactions into simple tasks. Reduce average handle time, accelerate resolution, and increase productivity.


Boost sales conversions

Letting customers compare product or plan details visually makes it easier for them to purchase and less likely that they’ll make a return. Plus, you can drive cross-sales and upsells by showing them related products to increase revenue even more.


Elevate CSAT

Surprise and delight customers by sharing rich digital content—without interrupting the conversation. Invite customers on digital chat, messaging, and voice channels into a secure session via SMS, push notification, or email, accessible on any smartphone or web browser. Drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Omnichannel support

Break down the silos between voice and digital channels for a consistent brand experience. With Card Designer on [24] Engagement Cloud, you can build experiences once and deploy them across channels. Customize and create new interactive cards easily to use across visual IVR, visual messaging, and other channels for virtual and live agents.


Visual tools for live and virtual agents

Empower voice Agents

Empower voice agents with [24]7 Active Share

Customers tend to use the phone for complex intents that take more time to resolve. Modernize calls and make life easier for agents with [24]7 Active Share. Voice agents can deliver personalized digital content to any device via interactive cards, without interrupting the call. Co-scroll or co-browse enables extra guidance and callers can share images to show agents what they need. Choose static cards to manually fill in information and dynamic cards to automatically populate sensitive data, such as bill payment details.

Visual IVR with Vivid Speech

Visual IVR with Vivid Speech

You don’t need a live agent to transform the conversation. For automated voice calls, the Vivid Speech feature of [24]7 Voices delivers the same interactive digital content right to your caller’s screen. Our conversational IVR with advanced natural language and intent-prediction technology can understand what a caller is trying to do and personalize content to make it easy. Take IVR self-service to the next level by letting callers tap instead of talk.

Chat with Active Cards

Do more than chat with Active Cards

Give your chat and messaging agents powerful visualization tools to support multimodal customer experiences. With [24]7 Digital Assist, agents can push static or dynamic Active Cards into the chat window to provide customized content that accelerates resolution. And with asynchronous messaging, agents can handle multiple concurrent conversations—so they can keep working while a customer reviews information or completes a transaction. Boost efficiency, satisfaction, and revenue.

Active cards for FAQ bots and messaging

Active Cards for FAQ bots and messaging chatbots

Enrich automated conversations with interactive content, too. Our FAQ bot, [24]7 Answers, and our conversational AI bot, [24]7 Conversations, both use Active Cards. Add images, video, or interactive content to bot interactions to make it easier for customers to get things done. Improve customer engagement and boost CSAT while controlling costs.


Transform the customer experience across industries


Financial Services & Insurance

  • Complete loan applications
  • Transfer balances
  • Make payments
  • File claims
  • Pay premiums
  • Review terms and conditions


  • Compare products
  • Complete purchase
  • Check order status
  • Process returns


  • Bill explanation
  • Terms and conditions
  • Plan comparisons
  • Plan changes

Travel & Hospitality

  • Check availability
  • Compare options
  • Make hotel reservations
  • Book airline flights

Customers are simplifying complex intents and driving better outcomes with visual IVR.


NPS/CSAT score increase


agent productivity increase


first call resolution increase


sales increase using push content


average handle time decrease


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