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What is Conversational Commerce

Accelerate Sales Growth with [24] Engagement Cloud

[24] Engagement Cloud™ provides a unique suite of fully integrated applications to drive sales growth leveraging AI. From personalizing campaigns, to automating sales interactions via digital and voice channels, to supporting sales agents, Engagement Cloud improves experience and conversions in complex sales conversations.

Sales and Marketing departments can interactively use Engagement Cloud’s low-code environment to:

  • Design personalized demand generation campaigns (such as social, display or conversational ads) using dynamic creative elements and consumer intent data to drive high click-through and interaction rates.
  • Choose the appropriate channels (web, messaging, voice) to funnel the leads for greater conversion.
  • Build chatbots that can provide human-like conversational experiences and automate sales conversations such as order inquiry, repeat orders, add-ons and more.
  • Route sales conversations to an appropriate sales consultant, who can be augmented with AI-based responses and recommendations to improve conversion and experience.

Sales and marketing operations teams can use sophisticated journey analytics and create dashboards to understand the buyer’s journey, from top-of-funnel all the way through to bottom-of-funnel activities.

[24] Engagement Cloud. A powerful suite that drives sales growth. Change the Conversation.

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[24] Engagement Cloud helped a global food and beverage business leader increase sales

Food and beverage leader grabs market share with a low-budget, easily scalable back-to-school campaign using [24]7 Target:

  • >9.2% sales lift at partner retailers
  • 17x return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Over 1M+ incremental unit sales including halo items



Sparkling water manufacturer

Water manufacturer beats back competition with personalized ads:

  • 3x ROAS
  • >5% sales lift
  • 43M impressions—11M over target
  • 0.35% CTR, reaching targeted KPI

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