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By boosting customer satisfaction and reducing cost per resolved contact (CPRC) with our leading contact center outsourcing services, 90% of our clients rank us #1 in BPO agent services.

Solution Brief WFH Agents Video

Keeping business continuity and WFH chat agents safe

When the global pandemic struck, [24] moved swiftly to protect our employees and ensure our global contact centers were able to keep operating without disruption. We established secure, compliant work from home (WFH) capabilities and moved all hiring, training, and engagement activities from in-person to virtual. Our industry-leading Accelerating Consistent Excellence (ACE) global operating framework forms the foundation for standout performance. As we look to the future, we’re making WFH technology available to help companies maintain business continuity and balance risk during times of crisis—and also as a new way of operating, to increase flexibility and reduce costs.



Responding to COVID-19 Together

We understand the critical need to maintain or even increase communication with consumers during times of crisis. Learn how [24] helped businesses adapt overnight, and how we can help you prepare for the future.


Work from Home Agent Technologies

Give chat agents the technology, tools, and skills they need to provide top-quality service while working from home. [24] combines 20 years of contact center experience with technology expertise to build an industry-leading framework for success.




Power Smart, Savvy CX with Work from Home Agents

Keep BPO agents productive, compliant, and engaged when they’re serving customers from a home workspace. And not just during the global pandemic—a dispersed workforce offers many benefits. Get ready for the new normal.


CCW Excellence Awards Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

CCW Excellence Awards

BPO of the Year awards the provider that redefines the standard for strategic partnership evidenced through world-class service and exemplary efficiency. The winner is evaluated based on their ability to:

  • Train multi-skilled agents that align with the client’s culture
  • Act as a strategic partner to clients
  • Scale operations per client needs, particularly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Drive performance through key client success metrics
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Supporting Agents with a Positive Environment

Listen to Michael DeSalles, Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, discuss the ideal work environment, the hiring process and training programs to improve satisfaction and lower attrition.


Contact center outsourcing performance management

We focus on ensuring consistency in delivering critical KPIs. We support continuous learning through multiple platforms, including virtual learning sessions and gamified apps. Our innovative supervisor as a leader coach program empowers supervisors to manage performance, engagement, and goals. A single line of command builds high-performing teams and closes the gap between an identified coaching need and improved outcomes. And our automated performance management tool serves as a one stop shop for virtual contact center team leaders.


Accelerating Consistent Excellence (ACE) framework

We employ our unique ACE framework to consistently deliver results. Key ACE components include holding monthly goal-setting discussions, using analytics to manage agent behavioral quotient (BQ), and keeping teams engaged with regular group activities. We create a culture of coaching through virtual training sessions, plus agent incentives and recognition. To support success and drive better outcomes, we provide a performance management playbook and make it easy to centralize control with our all-in-one tool.

ACE Framework

What makes our customer service outsourcing better?

Highly skilled [24] agent providing a better customer experience

Better agents, better outcomes

Armed with intuitive, AI-powered technology to help them handle complex interactions with ease, our agents drive better results across voice and digital channels. Quality service is the cornerstone of any business—and that means meeting your customers where they are and making it easy for them to get things done. Keep your customers happy, and keep them coming back.

Matching agent skills to brand needs

To make sure we have the top performing and most customer centric agents, we use analytics-backed assessment to hire candidates with high emotional intelligence. We also test for technology and language competency. Our voice agents learn conversational skills, comprehension, and the importance of tone. This ensures they can understand context, respond quickly, and successfully manage complex scenarios.

Digitally savvy omnichannel chat agents

Conversing with customers via messaging and chat channels is not the same as talking on the phone. Our digitally-savvy chat agents understand textual nuances, are fluent in new asynchronous messaging lexicons, and get ongoing coaching to align to your brand’s DNA. Over 60% of customer service requests start online—now you can deliver superior experiences in the preferred channel while boosting productivity.

The [24] advantage


Put people first

Whether you're looking to increasing sales, improve CSAT, or streamline resolution, our chat agents deliver results. Plus, we have best-in-class agent satisfaction and retention rates—and happy agents make for happy customers.


Future-proof your business

We prepare our omnichannel chat agents for advanced digital environments and provide ongoing training. With our [24] Engagement Cloud unified SaaS platform supporting every interaction, you can count on us to stay ahead—even as consumer-brand interactions continue to evolve.


Increase efficiency

Improve first call resolution (FCR), reducing repeat contacts and average handle time (AHT). We combine top agents with our industry-leading AIVA conversational AI technology and analytics to make interactions more effective, delivering greater value for your investment.


Deploy quickly

With contact centers in key regions around the world, we offer onshore, offshore, or near shore agents for greater diversity and proficiency in more languages. Get to market faster with the power of global technology plus easy integration with existing systems, and reach high performance quickly.


Compliance framework

[24]7 Agent Services follows a rigorous compliance framework because we understand the need to meet regulatory requirements as well as organizational rules, policies, and standards.


Enhance interactions with AI

Combine intelligent automation with human insight to dramatically improve CX. BPO agents work alongside AI-powered virtual assistants to anticipate customer needs and accelerate resolution times. Handle higher volumes, control costs, and boost satisfaction.


Improve performance

Ensure operational excellence with powerful performance monitoring tools. Gamified daily training supports ongoing improvement, with text mining of transcripts to identify pain points and empower agents to achieve better results.


Trust the experts

With 20+ years of experience running global contact centers, [24] is the partner you can trust for all your customer service, sales, and technical support needs. That’s why 90% of our clients ranks us #1 compared to all other competitive BPO agent services solutions.

Here’s what our clients have to say about the service excellence our agents deliver

Broadcast Icon
In this difficult time, what you guys have been doing to help us, and your various suggestions to improve have not gone unnoticed. We have to call this out again and again so that everyone in the organization appreciates the contributions of [24]

—Leading US Broadcast Company

Telecom Icon
[24], you are the role model in whatever you do! You hold your brand high, you are among the best and whatever you do you do it with full integrity. Very well structured and very well presented. Thank you for all the hard work you guys are putting in, this doesn’t go unnoticed, definitely some good traction week on week.

—Leading US Telco

Retail Icon
Congratulations on yet another Partner Performance Scorecard victory (a three-peat!)! We thoroughly appreciate your dedication to helping us provide world-class customer service to our customers and appreciate you bringing a customer-obsessed mindset to work every day! Your contribution to our network is very much appreciated. Thanks again for your wonderful partnership and great results in the 1st Quarter of 2021 Fiscal Year!

—Leading US Consumer Electronics Retailer

Department Icon
Great Job [24], for the tremendous job that you guys do despite of the lock down! You guys were able to ship systems, set WFH for team and also start delivering results, which is great.

—Largest US Department Store Chain

Retail Icon
[24] has gone beyond our expectations; we never expected such comprehensive, systematic controls to be in place.

—Leading US Retailer

Financial Icon
Very exciting to know about the activities you all conducting to keep the morale high in these times. I would like to hear more of what you are doing as part of Engagement Activities.

—Leading US Financial Institution

Retail Icon
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done to move agents and support teams into an at home environment in the India locations. We recognize the amount of work that has been so thank you.

—Leading American Multinational Retailer

Telecom Icon
What a fantastic job you guys are doing …you guys have the right focus and some of the call outs are amazing. You have an amazing team that just focuses on the right things to execute …I am super proud of the way you guys have come up right on to the top.

—Leading American Telco

[24]7 Agent Services brand promise

Align to your brand

Our agents strive to become an extension of your brand by providing your customers with product or service expertise and an experience that fits your brand.

Outsmart and outperform

We recruit the best-matched agents and provide ongoing coaching to ensure we overachieve your goals. That’s why we’re the best in the business. Our Digital Agent 4.0 ecosystem uses contextual, data-driven tools and performance tracking for the best possible results.

Make personal connections

We speak your customers’ language and know how to read between the lines. Our agents are engaged, skilled, and fulfilled—which is why we have low churn and high retention.

Tame the digital future

You can rely on [24] today, tomorrow, and beyond. We’re the partner you can trust to stay one step ahead of the technology curve and accelerate resolution.


Global achievement and social contributions

We value our employees, strive to make a difference in the communities where we work, and couldn’t be prouder of our achievements around the world.

  • India’s Best Workplaces for Women 2020

    India’s Best Workplaces for Women 2020

    Great Place to Work® is the global authority in creating and identifying the best workplaces worldwide. Being named one of India's Best Workplaces for Women is a celebration of the fact that we are one of the safest and most welcoming workplaces for women.

    learn more
  • UN 2020 Asia-Pacific Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Awards

    UN 2020 Asia-Pacific Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Awards for India

    The 2020 Asia-Pacific WEPs Awards, sponsored by WeEmpowerAsia, a joint program of UN Women and the European Union, is the first regional awards initiative that encourages, values, and recognizes the efforts of individuals and businesses to promote gender-inclusive cultures and gender equality.

    learn more
  • Top 20 Best Places to Work for Women (Guatemala)

    Top 20 Best Places to Work for Women (Guatemala)

    [24] is proud to support women around the world. We were thrilled to be named one of the top 20 places for women to work in Guatemala.

    learn more

Achieve extraordinary BPO outcomes with [24]7 Agent Services


Savings for large satellite radio company


NPS increase for large US telecom company


Best-in-class chat and voice agent retention


Years’ experience excelling in contact center operations
Questions and Answers Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO)

Ask [24]

What is BPO?

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the hiring of another company or vendor to handle different components of your business. It is essentially the outsourcing of non-primary needs to a third-party. You may decide that a different company can execute various tasks better, cheaper, or more efficiently than you can in-house.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a practice that involves hiring an external organization to perform business functions in place of performing this work internally. Companies typically outsource non-essential activities or roles so that they can focus on core responsibilities and maximize efficiency internally. Some business operations that are commonly outsourced include customer service, IT management, accounting, and marketing.

What is offshoring?

Offshoring is the process of relocating business operations to a foreign country or different location. Unlike outsourcing, companies that offshore often delegate core responsibilities to an internal team working remotely. Offshoring can help companies save on labor costs and resources, as well as take advantage of tax benefits.

What are the benefits of outsourced call centers?

One way to ensure that your customers have a great experience is to outsource your customer service operations to a call center. By doing so, you can offload the responsibility of providing great customer service to a company that is experts in the field.

Learn about the 7 key benefits of outsourced call centers.

How do you improve customer service continuity?

There are 4 things you can quickly do to improve customer service continuity:

  • Automate FAQs
  • Move to Messaging Immediately
  • Enable IVR-to-Messaging
  • Proactively Promote Your Digital Solutions

Learn more about customer service continuity.

How do you pivot your organization to a work from home call center model?

When the global pandemic struck, companies around the world scrambled to move to a work from home call center model virtually overnight. Now, many organizations are embracing the flexibility remote work can offer employees as well as the cost savings and other business benefits. And a dispersed workforce makes it easier to ensure a seamless customer experience in any event.



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