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[24]7 Professional Services - Improve Customer Experience

End-to-end customer experience design and optimization services ranging from consultation to support.

Optimize your Customer Experience using AI

[24] professional services transform technology into exceptional customer experiences–blending the best of artificial intelligence and human insights to deliver better business outcomes. Our consultants combine experience and best practices to assist clients with everything from deployment, system integration, optimization, to providing expert resources for UX design, conversational design, developers, data scientists, or voice talent. We’re here to help you create and improve the customer experience you are looking for.


Joint Deployment Program

Joint deployment program

Learn from the best and save time as our team of experts work alongside your business and technical teams to design, configure, and deploy exceptional customer experiences. Our services and technology best practices enable you to deliver lower cost, personalized experiences at scale.


Application Deployment Services

Application deployment services

[24] experts apply 20 years of practical knowledge as we configure and deploy a branded customer experience that realizes your vision. First, we understand your business, your customers, and your desired business outcomes. Next, we test, deploy, and apply built-in, operational best practices so you get the most out of your investment. We also train your agents on the platform and ensure your business and technical teams gain valuable experience and training so they can easily transition to managing and optimizing the platform going forward.


Integration Services

Integration services

Delivering a personalized experience across voice and digital channels requires anticipating customer intent. Which requires that [24] Engagement Cloud lives within your ecosystem of contact center solutions and back-office enterprise applications. Our team offers advisory and implementation services to integrate systems and technologies using a business-centric, value-driven approach. We gather requirements, design the systems architecture, develop and test the end-to-end flow, and then deploy to production. Working together we design the optimal self-service automation strategy leveraging API integrations with your internal systems.


Continuous Optimization Services Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Continuous customer experience optimization

Designing and implementing exceptional customer experiences does not end at go-live. Your solutions need to adapt as your business and customer expectations continue to evolve. While AI and machine learning enable optimization through automation, they can’t replace human insights and recommendations from experts in UX design, FAQ performance, journey analytics, agent productivity, voice of the customer, just to name a few. Our unique approach brings together 20 years of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) experience in digital self-serve technologies gained from operating contact centers across the globe. Let our team assess performance against desired targets and industry benchmarks, provide ongoing recommendations for technology and process improvements, and implement optimized configurations that drive the best results for better customer experience.

Award Winning Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Expert resources

Expert resources

[24] provides expertise to complement your team of experts. Available resources include:

  • UX designers—Apply design thinking through user research and testing to design your desired end-to-end customer experience.
  • Conversational designers—Curate content to architect, design, and map conversational AI journeys.
  • Developers—Apply configuration, integration, and deployment best practices from a wide variety of vertical industries to maximize your automation percentage and containment rate for every customer journey.
  • Data scientists—Interpret and manage your data as well as solve complex programs using expertise in a variety of data niches, and optimize and improve your AI models for intent discovery.